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“Little space for Milan? I hope things can change”

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Since retiring from his national team, the Danish defender has spoken of how little Pioli used him in the Rossoneri’s recent matches.

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Defender Milan Simon kjairdirectly from the withdrawal DenmarkHe talked about the little space he finds in recent matches for Stefano’s Rossoneri Pegs and his national teammate Rasmus Hooglundwho also impresses with his country’s shirt, as well as in competitions league with her Atlanta.

Here are the player’s words in detail: “A little space at Milan? That’s the coach’s decision. I work hard every day and now I focus on the national team. I do my job and hope sooner or later things change. A lot of self-confidence. And that’s how we deal with him. He gets the help he needs,” But we also make sure he’s grounded. But again, he’s such a good guy, I don’t think we’d have any problem with him at all.. Hmm. I was a little surprised that he’s growing so fast. He wants to stand out and works so hard.”

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