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Hire Bonus 2022: Application, Requirements, Youth

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In this article we are talking about Rental Bonus 2022In particular we will try to understand who is being directed and what requirements are required. Discover Latest news on rewards, RIM, RDC and single check. Read on Telegram All the news about Invalidity and Law 104. Get the latest updates on rewards, personal finance and business on your mobile every day: Enter WhatsApp groupIn the Telegram group In the Facebook group. you write on instagram All your questions. Watch free bonus video guides on YouTube channel. To continue reading the article on your mobile, click on «Read on» Following the photo below.

Rental Bonus 2022: What is it?

2022 Rental Bonus, also known asNot Guilty Arrears FundIt is aid provided by the state to families who Failed to pay rent For serious reasons.

The money is paid from The National Fund to Support Acquisition of Rental Housing It works to enhance Ordinance not to evict.

However, the arrears fund is only active in big citiesDifficulties in making monthly payments due are more common. 2022 Rental Bonus Guarantees Up to One Support Maximum €8000 for every family.

Now let’s go find out who I am recipients Which Requirements.

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Rental Bonus 2022: Beneficiaries

As expected, the 2022 rental bonus is aimed at those who have suffered Huge economic losses.

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He can, therefore, present Request:

  • who did it Disqualified;
  • who suffered so much Reducing working hours;
  • which has been set surplus fund;
  • World Health Organization You do not have to renew the fixed-term contract;
  • who was it Cessation of its activity due to force majeuresuch as the Corona virus;
  • Who has the Suffer the death or serious injury of a family member Who contributes the income.

Rental Bonus 2022: Requirements and Application

Now that we know what it is and who can apply, we need to understand what it is Economic requirements In order to receive the rental bonus for 2022.

Here is a list Key Features:

  • I have’I see less than 26 thousand euros;
  • No family member should have another home o the possibility of being able to use it;
  • You must have The lease is in good standing;
  • You must also submitA document proving the validity of the eviction of arrears;
  • must be Italian citizens orEuropean Union. In the case of non-EU citizens, a Valid residence permit;

In addition to these requirements, you have to know that there are gods preferential criteria: families with the palaceOne A person over 70 years old years old or a family member with aDisability at least 74%they will have one Bus Lane Which will speed up the rental bonus procedures for 2022.

It’s also good to remember that if you default on your renters luxury homes that fall into the cadastral categories A 1And A 8 And A 9 Yes he is excluded from the reward 2022 rent.

In the end, To apply it is necessary Go to the municipality of your residence. the last one It will check if all requirements are metAvailability of financial resources and the presence of bids to allocate funds.

Hire Bonus 2022: Application, Requirements, Youth
Hire Bonus 2022: Application, Requirements, Youth

Once you do that, if all is well, The municipality itself will have to communicate with the ministry The 2022 rental bonus redemption request is convenient if you want it Find out more the question, Read this article.

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