Home science “The Wonderful Journey”. Between science and philosophy” at Palazzo della Albere, Trento

“The Wonderful Journey”. Between science and philosophy” at Palazzo della Albere, Trento

“The Wonderful Journey”.  Between science and philosophy” at Palazzo della Albere, Trento

“The Wonderful Journey Between Science and Philosophy”Shown on the first floor of the Palazzo delle Albere in Trento – The pole of interconnection between sciences and humanities del MUSE – From an idea by Stefano Zeke and edit it Beatrice MoscowThe doors of knowledge open to the visitor on an amazing journey through time. Journey through time Where beauty and love return as an eternal invitation to reflect on the meaning of human life. From the symbols of myths and slogans to the origins of philosophy, to the magic of faith, to the harmony of humanity until the birth of modern science and the universe With great contemporary questions about space and time. Fantastic tripthe knowledge of our knowledge, which brings us through extraordinary mythological accounts that tell us the meaning of life and death, about divinity and humanity, to our time.

over there Opens up contemporary scientific research Scenarios that raise questions about the fate of man and the planet inhabiting it: we must ask ourselves whether the development that his knowledge led to him, in addition to improving the quality of life, does not harm the natural space and, finally, as well as the social. life. These are scientific questions that question philosophy A Millennium Meditation on the Reality of Being in the World.

A stage as a complete work, conceived and constructed in lightness and transparency through scenography, curated by the architect Silvio de Pontein unison with Mitraj Court Theatrical, directed by Cesar Siccardini and cooperate with Small theater in Milan.

The exterior of the Palazzo delle Albere, Trento © Palazzo delle Albere

We talked about it with Beatrice Moscowexhibition curator

What are the elements that characterize the preparation of the exhibition?

“The exhibition path transforms the exhibition spaces into imaginative and symbolic places, with a theatrical release in lightness and lightness and lightness, where the scenographies, in harmony with the text and the text, become symbols of the chapters of the journey now befitting the viewer. spectators, Also with unprecedented audio commentary and soundtrack, an immersive visit and animating. The vision of the short film harmonizes with the setting, projected not only on the walls of the rooms, but also on the scenographic solutions, all of which have a common character: contemporary and lightness. From the entrance, it turns into a tunnel of light and embroidered in a surreal interweaving of anemones, to the transparent picturesque elements, interlacing leaves and gauze that becomes Now vertical screens, now spatial shapes, like hanging clouds for the Legend Room E The world of the contemporary universe, perforated by emitted light in the network Pneumatic filament material. To the end of the track where the figures of the last, ethereal, almost holographic, are projected onto a “non-wall” of thick and thin scenographic threads that visitors cross to exit the gallery. The alternation of perspectives in the projections, the decomposition of the scenes, between lights and shadows, matter and sounds, makes the path dynamic and never predictable.”

The wonderful trip. Between science and philosophy, view of the exhibition © Palazzo delle Albere, Trento
The short film in the Multimedia Path Center was attended by many professionals and was produced in various locations. You can tell us, in short, its realization.

«Details, footage, voiceovers, exciting editing solutions, which go beyond realism without falling into a dimension too abstract, characterize the original short film. From dream to reality and vice versa, where even the absence of color becomes a visual black and white painting, which, on the contrary, with rare skill, makes the lightness of the characters’ steps and the picturesque plot lively and material. An artistic figure able to connect with the specific design of the gallery, without overlapping or separating itself, but weaving together a visual harmony. An organizational choice away from multimedia meant to be a series of memorable but still artificial images and appearances. to the stylistic code of A complete work, in which the script, theatrical art, the photography, the sets, the words of poets, writers, scientists, philosophers, playwrights, and music become one. An offer to be heard, read and seen, under the direction of the narrator, indicates the theatrical presence of the main narrator. Scanned into several chapters, as the end seems to reveal the beginning, and vice versa, Mitraj Court was created in collaboration with Small theater in Milanto choose both actors and costumes, filmed in the old residences of Trentino, with original and evocative settings in castles – Ponconcello Castle, Castle Thun, Castle Tobleno who opened their secret rooms, courtyards, and apartments for the occasion, and also allowed photography in the gardens, in the woods, on the banks of the surrounding lakes. A timeless journey through time. Between dream and reality where he says Jean CocteauEveryone can imagine how they want, and interpret how they want.” (AS)


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