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Hockey, in Scandiano 14 teams ready to compete for the Scudetto and the Italian U19 Cup

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It is undoubtedly the most awaited National Final for the entire youth scene because the U19s have always been a testing ground for many youngsters who are ready to make the jump in this category. In addition, this year is the year of the World Championships (at the end of October) which will coincide with the third edition of the World Skating Games, after the releases of Nanjing 2017, Barcelona 2019 will arrive in San Juan 2022, where it included, in addition to the world championships for men and women, the Cup World Under 19, a very important show for all the youth of the participating countries.

All observers will attend so as not to miss the exploits of some of the players who marked the Serie A2 2021-2022 and others who also plowed the trails of Serie A1.

Roller Hockey Scandiano has already made the most important parts of the event thanks to the sponsorship of the Municipality of Scandiano which made it possible to use all the spaces adjacent to PalaRegnani to offer the best experience for those who will reach and follow the finals. Starting with the refreshment area that will be created on the second track of the Arcostruttura with the possibility to have lunch and dinner or even order a coffee or a drink not only for athletes but also for fans and simple enthusiasts.
On the media level, the company has already opened a Facebook page to report the event where all the information about the teams and the curiosity of the event are already located. All 26 scheduled matches will be broadcast live on FISRTV and interviews from the stadium on our social networks, Facebook and Instagram. On the same page of FISRTV it will also be possible to cover all the races.

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The event was presented by coach Danieli Ufa, the head coach of the Scandinavian U19 team
“It is going to be one of the highest quality competitions under 19 for some time. There are at least 4 top level teams, with players playing in the first division A2 and some in A1. That means more experience in that category and that will definitely make a difference, in the context of Very balanced for several years already.”

Scandiano joins Group A with Monza, Valdano and Castiglione, while Giovinazzo, Triceno, Briganz and Sarzana are in Group B.
“Looking at the draw, our group will be very well balanced but there is no doubt that there are great teams in Group B and that it will be the so-called iron group. We are not among the best equipped but I think we can compete with all the teams, also thanks to the knowledge of our track.”

“Our team is still fairly young with only one player in the last year who will also be absent in the first few matches due to school reasons. A third of them play in A2 League, a third are in League Two and the rest are under-17s. My job has been in recent weeks, After the end of the tournament, gathering forces and finding a common game.My experience this season was split between the Serie B and U-19: in the U19 category, we won the Emilia group (6 wins out of 6, edition) and in Serie B we went on to qualify for the pending finals. Until the last day, we finished second. In both the cup and the championship.”

Also looking at fourth place a year ago in Forli, there are high expectations on the hosts even if the squad changes compared to last year.
“We are at a bit of a disadvantage to play in the mornings: we will open the calendar on the first and second days and we will miss the support of the Scandinavian fans who used to support us in the evenings. Even if we do a special setup with all the technical staff, Federico Zampelli in the first place, we do not have a long seat like the rest Scudetto’s favorite teams. Last year’s fourth place was a great result, but like last year I expect very tight and balanced matches. We will try to play it, knowing that in a year we will be more or less with the same team playing it again.”

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Format and organization
The event will open its doors on Thursday at 10:00 with the start of the first match of the Italian championship of Rossoblo team against Monza and will continue on the first day with six matches.
Friday starts with Valdagno-Scandiano at 9:00 and shortly thereafter the Italian Cup stage will also start for a total of 8 matches until late in the evening when there will be the opening ceremony at 20:30 at PalaRegnani.
On Saturday afternoon, the four group qualifiers will end, two of the championship and two of the Italian Cup. The two best ranked groups will participate in the next stage and a playoff draw will be established. Semi-finals at 16 and 17.45 for the Italian Cup, and 19:30 and 20:45 for the Championship.
The winners play the World Cup finals on Sunday afternoon and losers in the morning. The Italian Cup final is scheduled for 12.30 pm, while the Scudetto final will be held at 2.15 pm.


Italian Cup U19 – Scandiano – Fri 10/06/22 – 20:30 Opening Ceremony

  • U19 Group A – Fri 10/06/22 – 12:30 – Montecchio Prev. X Amatori W.Lodi
  • U19 Group A – Fri 10/06/22 – 19:00 – W Lodi x Viareggio H.
  • U19 Group A – Saturday 11/06/22 – 09:00 – Viareggio H. × Former Montecchio.
  • U19 Group B – Fri 10/06/22 – 14:15 – Forte Marmi x Correggio H.
  • U19 Group B – Fri 10/06/22 – 21:30 – Correggio H. x Bassano 1954
  • U19 Group B – Saturday 11/06/22 – 10:45 – Bassano 1954 x Forte Marmi
  • Semi-finals 1 under 19 – Saturday 11/06/22 – 16:00 – Semi-finals 1A-2B
  • U19 Semi-finals 2 – Saturday 11/06/22 – 17:45 – Semi-finals 1B-2A
  • U19 Final 3/4 – Sunday 12/06/22 – 09:00 – Third / Fourth Place Final
  • U19 Final 1st / 2nd – Sunday 12/06/22 – 12:30 – 1st / 2nd place final
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Italian U19 Championship – Scandiano

  • Group 1 U19 – Thursday 09/06/22 – 10:00 – RH Scandiano x RHC Monza
  • U19 Group A – Thursday 06/09/22 – 13:30 – Hc Castiglione x Hc Valdagno
  • Under 19 Group A – Thursday 09/06/22 – 19:00 – RHC Monza x Hc Castiglione
  • U19 Group A – Fri 10/06/22 – 09:00 – Hc Valdagno x RH Scandiano
  • U19 Group A – Fri 10/06/22 – 16.00 – RH Scandiano x HC Castiglione
  • U19 Group A – Saturday 11/06/22 – 12:30 – Red Crescent Monza vs HC Valdagno
  • U19 Group B – Thursday 06/09/22 – 11:45 – H. Sarzana x GSH Trissino
  • U19 Group B – Thursday 06/09/22 – 15:15 – H. Breganze x AFP Giovinazzo
  • Group B U19 – Thursday 09/06/22 – 20:45 – AFP Giovinazzo x H. Sarzana
  • U19 Group B – Fri 10/06/22 – 10:45 – GSH Trissino x H. Breganze
  • Group B U19 – Fri 10/06/22 – 17:30 – AFP Giovinazzo x GSH Trissino
  • U19 Group B – Sat 11/06/22 – 14:15 – H. Breganze x H. Sarzana
  • U19 Semi-finals 1 – Saturday 11/06/22 – 19:30 – Semi-finals 1A-2B
  • U19 Semi-finals 2 – Sat 11/06/22 – 20:45 – Semi-finals 1B-2A
  • U19 Final Third / Fourth – Sunday 12/06/22 – 10:45 – Third Place / Fourth Final
  • U19 Final 1st / 2nd – Sunday 12/06/22 – 14:15 – Final 1st / 2nd place

In the photo taken by Alberto Bertolani, the under-19 team trained by Daniele Uva
Top left: Vacari A (see all), Stephanie M. (Der), Vacari Diego, Ganassi Jewell, Fontanese Filippo, Stephanie Andrea, Fifi Iacobo, Ufa D. (All) – Bottom left: Ufa Alessandro, Rinaldi Christian, Vacari Mattia, Natalie Filippo

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