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Drag Race España: Eurovision Saves Space in Season Two

Drag Race España: Eurovision Saves Space in Season Two

The second season of drag race of spain We are already seeing a congestion in references to the Eurovision Song Contest.

In the fourth episode of the famous drag queen we saw two songs mentioned, but let’s move on in order.

The great protagonist of this episode is the classic “rusical”, music in tow. The reference is a film produced by Judges Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, “La Llamada” (also available on Netflix).

interest! If you haven’t watched Episode 4, we’re noticing spoilers will follow!!

In the clouds’ reinterpretation of the show, we see queens making their way through a camping site run by the clouds nuns.

During rehearsals, in the workroom, Jutta Karaguta enters the scene while buzzing “Antes muerta que sencilla”. With no precise reference provided, observers will carefully remember these notes as those of the only Spanish Junior Eurovision winner.

Maria Isabel triumphed in 2004 in Bucharest with her song with the flavor of Andalusian pop and waving the song “Abanicos” (fans, editor).

But it is precisely during the rusical period that the most direct quote from Euroviva was given. Protagonists Marie Korn (Marina) and Suzanne (Diamante Merrybrown) give a short performance in “Muna” Beth.

This song gave Spain a highly respected eighth place with 81 points in the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest in Riga.

But if you think that Eurovision references are limited to songs, you are wrong. One of the finalists for the win has already made her mark in the world of Eurovision fandom.

Sharon actually presented the BCN Eurovision party with Giuseppe Di Bella last March. He presented the performers on stage, entertained the audience and also sang flawlessly.

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