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Italian elections open space for Spanish media

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MADRID – One month after the political elections, the Italian election campaign is opening up space in Spanish newspapers. Indeed, in the Iberian country, interest is growing in a political event that is considered “decisive” because it involves one of Madrid’s main European partners, for example on major issues such as the energy issue. One of the statements that caused controversy in Italy was published today in a Spanish newspaper – El Periódico -. Words and music by Democratic Party leader Enrico Letta who denounced in an interview: “Russia has entered this election campaign. There is a strong interference by Russia in favor of the right.”

Possible interference from Moscow is a topic that is in fact hovering strongly over the Italian run-up to the elections. Lita’s words came as a press investigation by international media, including La Repubblica, condemned the activities of an alleged Kremlin spy at the NATO base in Naples.

According to the Secretary General of the Democratic Republic of El Periódico, “Russia’s strong intervention “in Italy” in favor of the right, because (Moscow) knows that “the position of (PD) will continue to be in harmony with the position against Putin.” The words were rejected, according to reports by the American news agency (ANSA), both by Lega, by both Brothers of Italy, and Forza Italia, the three centre-right parties.

Today’s El País editorial also focuses on the rise of conservative parties, which polls have given them as favorites. The opinion piece in Italy stated that a “decisive electoral campaign” had begun “for the future of Europe”. With the “third economy of the eurozone” that “could be led by a right-wing coalition whose majority party is xenophobic, far-right and nationalist populist” (in reference to the Brothers of Italy).

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El Pais adds that, on the other side of the political chessboard, a “disordered and confused center left, divided into three blocks”, will appear at the polls next September 25. 5 Stars and a Third Polo by Carlo Calenda and Matteo Renzi, the Iberian newspaper adds , “They lose their power, with little chance of success compared to the right-wing coalition.”

According to the editorial, “Democratic Party leader Enrico Letta’s challenge to Meloni may be a last resort so that Italy does not end up under the control of a government with a clearly Eurosceptic profile, with frank sympathy for (Hungarian) nationalist populist Viktor Orbán and a desire to reclaim part of the worst history of contemporary Europe.” “.

In the Italian elections this year, there will be three candidates in the European constituency residing in Spain: Marisa Pavel for the Democratic Party, Giuseppe Stapel and Alessandro Zhentner for the right.

In the interview with El Periódico, Enrico Letta said polls not only give the center-right an advantage, but also indicate that “45% of voters are undecided” and that the Democratic Party will run on “the undecided and abstainers”. to “convince them of the risks that are being handled with the right”.

With regard to the pre-election programme, the General Secretary of the Democratic Party believes that the priority should be to “start as soon as possible” the post-Covid recovery plan with European funds “to cap the price of energy” as has already happened in Spain recently, to “fight the climate crisis” reduce inequality and “drastically lower taxes on employment”. On the question: “Will he continue to lead the Democratic Party in the event of defeat?” , Lita replied: “We will win …”.

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