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Location, atmosphere and combat explained by the team –

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Callisto Protocol He is the hero of a new in-depth study on the PlayStation Blog, posted on the occasion of last night’s presentation, which Glen Scofield from striking distance It explains something about the construction of the game, in particular about the so-calledhorror engineering-This is the system build settings and current trend.

Last night, with the trailer for The Callisto Protocol in the State of Play, we finally got the first gameplay of the horror game with a sci-fi setting but some other details come from Schofield, who was also one of the main authors of the Dead Space series, as was easily understood.

TheAdjust And part of the story:

Set in the year 2320 on Callisto, the dead moon of Jupiter, The Callisto Protocol tells the story of Jacob Lee, a prisoner in the Black Iron Prison who will have to fight for his life when a mysterious biological threat wreaks havoc on the satellite. Prison guards and other prisoners turn into terrifying monsters called Biophage: Jacob will have to eliminate them to survive and uncover the dark secrets of the United Jupiter Company.

To make the world of the Callisto Protocol alive and especially disturbing, the development team used a technology called “Horror Engineering”, which is capable of generating “unforgettable fears”. It involves melting and incorporating different ingredients such as Atmosphere, tension and violencea sense of powerlessness and humanity to raise tension and evoke an unprecedented sense of dread, at least in Striking Distance’s intentions, but the video shown is quite convincing in this respect.

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The sense of horror, for Schofield, stems first and foremost from the atmosphere, which is why Callisto was chosen as a painful, naked and solitary scientist, capable of generating anxiety. An essential element of nourishing these sensations is the study of lights and shadows, which are used with great caution.

Another element of great importance is combat systemwhich also uses a strange gravity weapon called the GRP, seeks to strike a balance between gunfights and hand-to-hand combat.

Uses black iron guards GRP To keep the prisoners under control, but thanks to this weapon, Jacob will be able to confront Biophage with creative solutions. To get out of an awkward situation, the player can stun an oncoming monster or even throw it into a turbine or some kind of environmental threat nearby.

Callisto Protocol is a survival horror, so the player must constantly feel helpless, almost powerless. Jacob is not a soldier, every fight he faces will be a matter of life and death. Ammunition, health and weapons will be scarce and therefore very valuable, so it will be necessary to search for any available resources.

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