Home entertainment Jason Statham is the new spy who tried but couldn’t do it. Movie review

Jason Statham is the new spy who tried but couldn’t do it. Movie review

Jason Statham is the new spy who tried but couldn’t do it.  Movie review

Come Sky cinema And just broadcast on NOW From April 17, 2023 Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerrethe new action movie from Guy Ritchie championship Jason Statham. It’s been delayed for a long time, but this time not because of the pandemic: scheduled for 2022, it’s been pushed back until the first months of this year to avoid problems due to the acting of some Ukrainian gangsters who are in the movie in conjunction with The war broke out in Ukraine. Unfortunately, this is the least of his problems.

Guy Ritchie continues his partnership with an actor the carriers It is epic disposables after the last Human anger – human angerone proposes espionage work in which Statham plays Orson Fortune, a top secret agent who has been called in to solve a potential global crisis. Some criminals have stolen a mysterious device known as a “knob”. It is not known what it is capable of, but someone is willing to pay $ 10 billion for it. In the middle is an arms dealer (played by Hugh Grant) and the only way to get close to it is to get the movie star involved Danny Francesco (Josh Hartnett). The team also includes the handyman played by the British rapper Boogie Malone Especially the communications and hacking expert, Sarah, who has a face Aubrey Plaza.

In recent years, the English director has suffered from a certain artistic schizophrenia with patchy results: after his debut with Lock & Stock – Wild FoolsAnd snatch – tear And disastrous soaked in fatefound only fame and its exact proportions in diptych Sherlock Holmes championship Robert Downey Jr. From there he perfected some of his subtle compositional features and then refined them in V.I UNCLE operationin epic fantasy King Arthur And recently Gentlementhat is, films with great design Vitality Comedy and hermetic compilation are dismissed in the name of fun on genres that aren’t exactly hilarious by definition.

Regarding this trend, Operation Fortune However, it makes him take several steps back. In the story written with Evan Atkinson and Marn Davies, there are no flashes of originality, but only a simple attempt to build a character around Jason Statham can guarantee a lasting franchise, sort of. wannabe James Bond or Jason Bourne Which, however, gets lost in the slow constructions of the characters, which are marked by small details (such as the fact that the protagonist likes wine) but are utterly repulsive from a sympathetic standpoint because they are so flat, the constant re-suggestion of clichés of the spy action genre.

Particularly interesting is the comparison with red noticeanother disappointing Netflix action: he could be replaced by Jason Statham Dwayne JohnsonAubrey Plaza stole the red dress from him Gal Gadot and Josh Hartnett the white tuxedo a.d Ryan Reynolds. Another obvious comparison is the one with The talent of Mr. CWhere is a parody version of Nicolas Cage He uses his fame to infiltrate a group of criminals. Just as it happens in the plan made in Operation Fortune. film Rawson Marshall He had at least one last discreet blink of his own, blinking Tom Gormican Her Hero Attraction: Guy Ritchie, on the other hand, doesn’t have a pair on hand to be fooled.

The most valuable item, that is Use the dummy handle as a MacGuffin He quickly sheds his ambiguity and all that remains are two-dimensional characters who pull off jokes, double-entendres, and seemingly indomitable characters who quickly reset the tension. The content is a mixture of things seen and reviewed, and the format is far from the guiding whims of its author: Orson Fortune is the new spy who’s been after usbut in this (first) case it failed.

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