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“No more movies about them!”

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Franco Branciaroli, the actor and theater director, made statements about Naples that would surely spark debate. During an interview given to rolling rockAbout the conditions of cinema and theater in our country, the Milanese actor was very critical of entertainment and art in Italy. We’re not lacking in research even for Academy Award-winning director Paolo Sorrentino, who set his last film in Naples. Here is what the actor said:

In addition to theater, do you watch movies or TV series?
I don’t watch anything. Except when they tell me a good movie. But they are very few“.

Can’t find anything to get excited about?
Italian cinema is ridiculous, it is always part of the amateur. “It’s festive cinema,” Roman Polanski also said. he is right. Not related to Korean or American and English cinema. It would be time to stop making all the films about Naples…”.

Paolo Sorrentino (via Getty Images)

Are you referring to Paolo Sorrentino?
“Oh yeah, come on, we broke! It’s as if Italy was just this band of Neapolitans

Be careful, because they are especially sensitive in Naples.
“But I don’t care! You have to know one thing. My generation was born in 47 and the smell of pyrite is still in the air, and he had the American generation of pop culture. They know much better than the Italians. I don’t know who Gaetano Salvemini is, but I know all about Benjamin Franklin. And my cinema culture was shaped.”

Since I was six I’ve been going to the cinema every day, and I’ve seen three movies a day. Without choosing which one, because you weren’t wrong. Italian films, compared to American films, were already much more difficult to understand at that time.”

Aren’t you telling me Paolo Sorrentino’s tires are bad?
“It’s frivolous stuff with ammunition. They say, ‘He has views like Fellini.’ Well then Why should I go and see someone who looks like Fellini but isn’t?

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