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The new model could be unveiled in 2023, Sony seems to suggest –

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With a somewhat fanciful explanation, from an interview Famitsu conducted with an executive at Sony The idea arose that he indicated the possibility that A.S new model From PS5 can be detected in 2023.

Famitsu actually interviewed the Senior Vice President, Platform Experience for Sony PlayStation, Hideaki Nishinoas well as asking the question of what to expect in the near future regarding the PS5.

PS5, the new model may have a removable drive

Given the direct reference to the PS4 Pro in the introductory sentence, it’s only natural to think that Sony’s executive response has something to do with a potential new model.

Now, the PS5 has entered its third year on the market. PS4 Pro launched after three years Archetype version and we would like to hear from you some possible views on the future,” asked the journalist of the Japanese magazine.

Nishino’s response was, “Near the end of fiscal year 2022 [ovvero a marzo 2023 -ndR] Total sales will exceed 37 million units and we think it will be a very important moment for the platform as well. I can’t go into more detail right now, but I hope you’re keen to know What will come next year“.

Obviously, the phrase is very vague, but it should be placed in direct relation to the question that mentioned the launch of the PS4 Pro three years after the release of the first PS4. Given this, it can be taken as a reference to a similar potential novelty, but applied to the PS5, although now it is difficult to imagine a PS5 Pro-style revision, given that the standard model is only now beginning to reach production volume able to come close. from the question.

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It could most likely be the popular PS5 with removable drive, which has been dumped in the lanes and appears to be in testing phase right now, in preparation for launch.

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