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WhatsApp without a smartphone: you can now

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It’s always been a feature Only in betabut now it seems Coming for everyone: It is finally possible to use The WhatsApp without getting it Networked smartphoneThanks to the new version of multi-device WhatsApp. The news matters to everyone, it’s coming and someone has already received it.

This indirectly allows us to use WhatsApp even without the phone and this dramatically changes our relationship with the app because, now, we can use The WhatsApp even from just the computer or wave. The phone will only be used initially, to configure other devices to be connected to the same profile. As has always happened until now with all the news regarding the use of the application in multi-device mode, WhatsApp has not made any announcement in this matter: some users have noticed that something has changed: it is no longer needed, because it happened even a few days ago, use the version WhatsApp Web beta for multi-device use.

WhatsApp Multiple Device: What Has Changed

Even a few days ago, it was necessary to use WhatsApp on a computer but without the smartphone at hand, it was necessary to use Trial version of WhatsApp Web. And by the way, it doesn’t work well often WhatsApp Web remained blocked We even opened WhatsApp from the smartphone.

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CurrentlyHowever, even those who are not using WhatsApp Web beta can read the news clearly once they try to access their WhatsApp profile from their PC: “You can now send and receive messages without your phone connected to the Internet. Use WhatsApp on up to 4 devices and one phone at the same time“.

WhatsApp Multiple Device: What’s Still Missing

In the same WhatsApp message they also read it Binomial Principal From multi-device WhatsApp, which still has to be beaten. I, anyway, use WhatsApp At least in the beginning You need a phone.

The second is that, as in the past, it is not yet possible to use a WhatsApp profile on gender two phonesWhatsApp Web says it clearly, they are supported”4 devices max“But at the same time,”1 phone“.

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