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What happened to the sequel with Benedict Cumberbatch?

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Tonight at 21:20 CET 1 the movie will be broadcast Now you see me 2, a successful sequel to the predecessor that saw a change of direction – from Louis Lettertier to John M. Choo – and entry to the cast of Daniel Radcliffe, now retired as Harry Potter, and Henry Lloyd Hughes. But what about the announced plans for the third movie?

The second film in the franchise would do well at the box office and ended up grossing over $330 million against a budget of around $100 million. The numbers are in line with those at the box office that the first movie in the series got, so much so that even before the release of the second act there was talk of plans for a third movie. Now You See Me 3 was announced in 2015 Indeed, but since then little or nothing has been known about the downtime and problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Not only did the commitments of the actors involved delay the start of production: we remember that Benedict Cumberbatch rumored part of it He is now busy full time with Marvel Studios as well as with movie star Mark Ruffalo. While Woody Harrelson was working at Poison – Wrath of Carnage.

On the plot front, no details were revealed, but on top of the project We must find Jun Im Cho (former director of the second act), fresh from the extraordinary success of Crazy & Rich and a few weeks ago in cinemas with its adaptation of In the Heights based on the work of Lin-Manuel Miranda.

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here insteadannuncio di Now You See Me 3 Arrived in April 2020: “Eric has always been fascinated by the fine art of deception and illusion in all its forms and he came to us with a great story that takes the legends of Now You See Me forward and pushes the Four Horsemen to a whole new level. Return of the actors who will be joined by new characterssaid Nathan Kahana, president of Lionsgate Motion Picture Group.

For other insights, please refer to Now you see me review and for Now You See Me 2 مراجعة review.

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