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What Is the Most Popular Casino Game In Canada?

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Casino gaming is increasing in prominence worldwide as it becomes legalized and more available for people to enjoy. About 60% of Canadians spend their discretionary income on gambling. More Canadian men (63%) than women(57%) engage in gambling monthly with 56% of males and 43% of females doing it online.

Total Canadian gambling revenue amounted to $1.2 billion in 2021 with 18.9 million people participating in wagering.

Now, that amount has increased to 19.3 million gamblers in Canada as of 2023. Canada is the eighth most prominent for online gambling worldwide.

So with this many people playing online casino games, what is the most popular of them all? The answer is Slots!

Slots are the most popular casino game in Canada because of how easy it is to play. Once you set your bet and the number of desired auto spins, all you have to do is watch the reels start and stop on each spin to see if your bet will give you a payout or not.

How Slots Are Played

First, players pick a slot game theme. On Novibet, there are more than 1,000 casino games with most of the selection being slots games.

Then, place your bet. Slots are best known for being the best games for players on a tighter budget and, hence, having a limited bankroll. You can press spin to see how the reels lie after each go around. Alternatively, you can set a specific bet amount and how many times you want the slot reels to auto-spin.

Log on to Novibet online casino Canada to enjoy the most popular game in the country, slots. Make an account, confirm your identity, fund your bankroll with a debit or credit card, and start playing!

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Finally, watch how your reels stop. If you have three or more matching reels, you will get a corresponding payout. With thousands of possible combinations on slot games, it’s not guaranteed that you will always get three matching reels. Hence, it’s fun to see if you can score a large payout on a low bet, especially when the slot reels hit multipliers.

What Are Progressive Jackpots Like In Canada?

Canadian progressive jackpots are known for being lucrative even with lower monetary bets made on reel spins. Despite the low bets in general that you can make even on progressive jackpots, you must wager higher on these games versus regular slots games.

Progressive jackpots pay out higher than the usual slots games throughout the rest of the online casino which is why higher wagers are necessary. The overall payout amount is influenced by how many people make wagers on that specific progressive jackpot.

As players continue to wager and play, the higher the jackpot becomes until someone hits it within the betting pool. Anyone who had made a wager in this progressive jackpot will get an equal portion of the amount.

The chances of hitting a progressive jackpot are between 50 million to one to 100 million to one. Despite these slim odds, winning a progressive jackpot is more common than hitting the lottery.

The Difference Between Traditional Slots and Progressive Slots

Betting on regular slots means you can get away with lower bets and higher payouts many more times than if you bet on progressive ones. Wagering on progressive slots means you have to make higher bets, but the number of times you hit a high payout will be lower than the possibility of how many times you can get them on regular slots.

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As a Canadian resident, do you love slots just as much as it is popular amongst online gamblers or do you like a different casino game? Weigh in with your opinions in the comments.


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