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Hundreds of people are involved, and there are victims-

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The avalanche occurred at El Espinal, 150 km from Bogot, during the feast of San Giovanni. Local authorities: Hospitals are collapsing and we need help

Tragedy Declaration Spinalin Colombia, 150 km from Bogot: the collapse affected the stands of the ring during a bullfight. The people involved, the newspaper reported Tempocan be up to 500. At least five victims, according to a preliminary report updated around 11 p.m. (Italian time). At least sixty wounded.

Pictures of the accident, circulated by the local press and citizens on social media, show the moment when The stands – it was definitely crowded at that moment – collapsed in on themselves.

The Civil Defense explained to the Espinal Directorate of Toledo that In the stands, at that time, there were also children and old people. Local authorities reported that the hospital was unable to care for all of the injured and issued an appeal: We need help, tweeted Tolima District Council member Even Verne Rojas.

Several local media reported that after the collapse, At least one of the bulls could have escaped from the ring. according to Tempohas not yet been captured.

I hope all those affected by the collapse come out safe from their injuries, on Twitter Newly elected President Gustavo PetroI ask the mayors not to allow more shows to kill people or animals.

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