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“Voices of Abruzzo” by the students of the “G.Vico” High School in Salmona USA and Canada – Corriere Peligno

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The book, along with life stories and interviews, will be launched tomorrow, April 12, in Salmona, followed by Toronto and Hamilton.

Departure of the ship

Salmona, April 11 – Italian/English bilingual volume recently published Voices of Abruzzo“, A collection of life stories and interviews from the Abruzzi diaspora Canada And America. This publication was created by the students of the “Giambattista Vigo” High School of Human Sciences Salmonella Through research conducted by a class, coordinated by teachers over three years of schooling Carolyn Letteri, Anna Lucia Cardinali And Vanessa Romanelli. Fifteen student teachers, 12 girls and 3 boys, who collected biographies and interviews with migrants, are reported in the book. Their names are: Baron Fernando, Borelli Gia, Cardinal Ariana, Colella Anastasia, D’Alessandro Chiara, Di Carlandonio Sarah, Di Cesare David, Di Marzo Anna, Gentile Daniel, Mariani Sarah, Musti Asia, Osmanaj Reneza, Pallozzi Alessandra, Bellino Alessia, Zito Giulia.

Directed by The Salmonese High School Catherine FantauzziIt has distinguished itself over the years for the attention paid to the migrant phenomenon Beligna ValleyDevoting 3 published books to this subject: America, A sea of ​​paper And precisely Voices of Abruzzo. Module will be provided Wednesday, April 12, 10:30in the Council Chamber Municipality of SalmonaWith interventions from Catherine FantauzziPrincipal, Goffredo PalmeriniJournalist and Writer, Robert SantangeloVice President of the Regional Council of Abruzzo and Member of CRAM, E Laura De Russo, Journalist. After two weeks the students and teachers will leave CanadaThe book will be presented at planned meetings with the communities of Abruzzo in the metropolitan area. Toronto And Hamilton. The volume contains the director’s contribution in the introduction Catherine FantauzziIntroduction of the authors Letteri, Cardinals And Romanelli Coordinated research, presentations Frank RitchieProfessor at the University of Ottawa who sadly passed away in November 2022. Luisa Taglierigender policy researcher at the University of L’Aquila, and finally the author’s preface, if interested, is given below.



There is one more Abruzzo Outside Abruzzo, larger than within the borders. The most reliable estimates certainly attest to more than one million three hundred thousand, therefore more than the population of Abruzzo who inhabits the region. Along with Italians from other regions, they have known the largest diaspora in human history. Because Italian immigration existed from the unification of Italy in 1861 until the seventies of the last century, the number of emigrants gradually decreased. Overall, in more than a century, almost 30 million immigrants left Italy, scattered to every corner of the world. Argentina, Brazil, America The main foreign routes of the first great immigration.

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Later, after World War II, they were added Venezuela, Canada, Australia And other countries, so Europe, with Swiss, France, Belgium, England And Germany. In considerably smaller numbers, Italian emigration was also sent to the African continent South Africa, but in the Maghreb countries bordering the Mediterranean. In recent years, the economic crisis of 2007 affected the economies of the West and Italy in particular, unemployment mainly affects young people, immigration has resumed in our country, certainly different from that historically, still increasing 150,000 evacuations per year. Operated in North America, Europe and Australia, the phenomenon has also taken routes in the East, in particular China and Arabian Peninsula countries (Emirates, Saudi Arabia)

A related phenomenon, from a political, economic and social perspective, has historically been neglected and sometimes almost eliminated politically. Our national history pays minimal, residual attention to Italian immigration. It is completely absent from school textbooks or, if present, is relegated to a few marginal pages. So if Italy really wants to know and recognize, there is an absolute necessityOther Italy – It counts 80 million Italians in the world of various generations of immigrants – the history of our immigration finally enters. History of Italy, with its political and social significance, with its economic and cultural dimension, with all its associated connections. The history of immigration must enter the programs of Italian schools, the study programs of our universities. (Ellis Island)

Companies would do well to consider thisOther ItalyMuch bigger than within borders, it is a very important part of Italian culture, the spread of our language, the promotion of Italian style and taste. Made in ItalyFor the opportunities in the economic field that we can represent in the global market, the greatest and most precious resources of true ambassadors like our comrades in the world.

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It is useful to remind the ruling classes, who often overlook the current situation of our immigration, but are judged according to stereotypes that are more ordinary than in reality, how Italians abroad have won respect and honor by holding appropriate positions in universities. Economics, research, business, art, even in host countries’ parliaments and governments. Here, while Italy can recognize the rest of Italy in all its value, another story is about our country, in terms of cultural presence in the world and political weight on the world stage, counting 140 million Italians. Of these, 60 are within borders and others are worldwide.

These modest general notes are equally valid for Abruzzo inside and outside the borders. In recent years, although there are still worrying gaps in the knowledge of the migratory phenomenon, a mature awareness of what immigration from Abruzzo represented and still represents, even at an institutional level, is growing. For the general purpose, and especially for Abruzzo, publications and essays on emigration were certainly useful, which gradually shed light with attention and wonder. Fortunately, publications that commit reflections, analyzes and annotations to the pages of paper newspapers and the finer world of online journals are more widespread and better because they are freely accessible on the Internet from every corner of the planet.

For some time, these important sources of communication of knowledge have been accompanied by a very specific field of publishing, which generally prefers a different, more effective and intriguing narrative to the treatment of the phenomenon at the sociological and cultural level. Indeed, immigration from Abruzzo is a collection of reserves, lived stories, explored experiences and vanquished prejudices told through example and virtue, skill and effort, courage and heroism. Men and women from Abruzzo abroad have been able to gain respect and honor in their host countries by winning important positions with intensity, ingenuity and creativity, thanks to life’s reflection and exemplary evidence.

of thisOthers AbruzzoThrough lived stories, more speaks Voices of AbruzzoA new book compiled by students of Giambattista Vigo High School in Salmona by their teachers Caroline Letteri, Anna Lucia Cardinali And Vanessa RomanelliAfter the beautiful releases made in recent years (America And A sea of ​​paper), and finally thanks to the foresight of the Chief Editor Catherine Fantauzzi, very sensitive to the study of the Italian diasporic phenomenon. They are Abruzzi vines, mostly originating from the Peligna region Canada and in America Their talent, creativity, richness of cultural heritage, establishing themselves in many fields of activity, contributing to the honor of their motherland and motherland Italy, demonstrated by example, intensity, hard work and ingenuity.

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Some of the characters who excel in politics, universities, companies and public administration, entrepreneurship, arts, information, catering, social and cultural life can be found in this beautiful book. Even in national parliaments and governments, with leading roles (such as “Abruzzo”. Nancy PelosiCurrent Speaker of the US Congress, E Mike Pompeo Former US Secretary of State, and how Maurice Bevilacqua In Canada, the former Minister of Scientific Research, then the Minister of Finance, only had to stop in North America).

You will also find migration stories with a continuum of recovery related to conditions of departure from Italy, integration into host places and communities, early difficulties and perseverance to overcome them. Canada and in United States of America, where honor and respect prevail. It is an extraordinary tradition that honors Italy and Abruzzo. In this tradition they take a healthy pride, a pride full of ancient values, a mirror of the millennial civilization of the people of Abruzzo.

Their land, the adjoining villages and towns, are extraordinary caskets of wonders of art and architecture, a harmony of contrasts from the lofty peaks. Gran Sassoof siren And Myella, descending to lush mountains to the majesty of the sea, our Abruzzis around the world are deeply in love. And our amazing beauty Abruzzo They tell where they live in all its charm. our Abruzzo in the world They are messengers and great Advertisers Wonders of Abruzzo. The reader will feel the meaning and soul of this other Abruzzo, enlightened by wisdom, talent and values.

Goffredo Palmerini

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