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Contaminated water for indigenous peoples of Canada: Brown water leaks from pipes

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The government should provide millionaire compensation, establishing a historic sentence after two years of judicial conflict

In a better world, there should be no problem with the supply of drinking water in some parts of Canada: we are talking about an area characterized by more than 31,000 lakes with an area of ​​more than 3 km. The largest water reserve in the world, according to the citizens.

Despite the promises of various governments that have followed each other since the 1980s, there is a problem, especially with the tribes of the first countries. Some of the restrictions were imposed prior to 2003 and have affected areas of Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Quebec, especially remote areas, according to data reported on the government website. Adequate infrastructure. The whole tribe was forced for many years Boil water before use, Due to high traces of uranium. This does not stop the chance of controlling intestinal infections, skin infections, pneumonia.

In 2015, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau mentioned this problem during his election campaign and promised to resolve the situation by March 2021. A document released by the Office of Public Verification of Canada in February 2021 confirmed the bankruptcy of these forecasts: “Safe drinking water is essential for the health of all, including about 330,000 people living in communities in more than 600 first countries.“But despite the recorded economic efforts, the communities of the first countries have not been given the support and assistance they need. The water hazard warning has been in place for more than 10 years.

The report then underscores two fundamental points: there is no clear legal framework for managing and regulating the situation; Indigenous Services Only cooperation between Canada and the people concerned will facilitate the adoption of sustainable solutions. The administrator openly admitted that it was impossible to achieve the set goals.

However, the affected communities have decided to take action: In 2019, two class activities were launched that reached both the Federal Court of Canada and the Queen’s Bench Court of Manitoba. In December 2021, a common agreement was reached for both actions: compensation of more than 5 million euros from the government in favor of the people concerned, a guarantee for the construction of the necessary infrastructure, and modernization of departmental law.

The stability of the situation led to the appearance of young enthusiasts, who, thanks to the network, will condemn the depression and fatigue of those who want to drink a glass of water at home. Shared video Water enthusiast Autumn Peltier, also addressing the Canadian Prime Minister, made the situation understandable in over a thousand words: brown water flows from the kitchen faucet so it is impossible to even cook or wash.

One of the commercial consequences of this situation is the growing proliferation of bottled water. If this choice is almost an obligation to communities like Neskandaka who have been “living” like this since 1995, the same cannot be said for other people. According to the Independent Water Groping Monitoring Report, water in the Ontario region should be used by first countries, rather than by individuals working in the field, such as Nestle. A phenomenon that is gradually increasing.

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