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Vitti D’arte, Vitti D’amore and Rai 3 / Life and Love with Roberto

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Vitti d’arte, Vitti d’amore, Live Rai docufiction about Monica Vitti: live commentary

With “Francesca Regal” she becomes Monica author for the first time. In fact, he is involved in both the subject matter and the script of the movie he directed Roberto Russo In 1986, starring Monica Vitti and Corrado Pani. It’s a sick love story: a middle-aged antique dealer meets and helps a seriously injured boy, and a short affair is born that ends in a sad ending, as the rejected young man kills the woman. A plot that might sound sarcastic if you think about it insteadAn encounter with Roberto changes his life: The two fall in love and start A relationship that lasted 47 years.

I think he wanted to live his life with someone from his background. This is a form of confrontation but also a form of protection. ”, says in this regard Carlo Verdone. “I can’t think of a man I only see at the table or only in the evening when we go to sleep I should be able to talk to him all dayThere is Roberto in the memories that follow, in both beautiful and dramatic memories, like the story of the house that caught fire, and the stump destroyed with plaques and trophies. Roberto is there today to take care of her. There is Roberto in a beautiful picture Michele Placido He gives us at the end: Monica and Roberto go for a run, he leads her by the hand as she walks behind her. “I don’t know if it’s true, but it seemed to me that I saw it‘, concludes Placido, concluding this exciting journey through the history of Monica Fetti woman and artist with poetry. (Agg. by Tonya Belloso)

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Gentle feminism and the ability to fight with men

meeting with Antonio Partially weakens the charge of empathy he has to make it a mystery. Monica Vitti Becomefrankly mischievous icon At a time when women were represented only as a devoted wife. “Vitti’s greatness is the combination of empathy and femininity, two roles that have remained separate even before then” he claims Eleonora Marangoni.

He’s a new character, outside of the chorus, but he’s not a complete break with women at the time, which he explains by their limitations and strength, giving them dignity without being hypocritical at all. Some of his roles may be criticized today, as a representation of a patriarchal world that has been rejected. While that His mask continues to convey a sense of independence. “With Monica Fetti the feminist movement in cinema begins. But she’s not a combative feminist, a cute feminist who imposed herself through talent“carry Carlo Verdone. The talent of femininity too The ability to fight with menQuoting the words of Sandro Veronese. “Conquered the men’s campThe words of Alberto Sordi thundered on the screen. (Agg. by Tonya Belloso)

Monica Vitti’s story between sympathy and hurtful candor

Images follow each other on the screen that tells of the remarkable career of Monica Vitti, starting from its very beginning. The film tells discoveries, stories and excerpts from interviews given by Vitti herself about a young girl who has become an icon of Italian cinema thanks to her talent, innate comedy, and mischievous candor that constitutes a breathtaking beauty. Vitti, aka Maria Luisa Ceciarelli, tells the genesis of her stage name in an interview. At the beginning of her career, after graduating from the National Academy of Dramatic Art, and then under the guidance of her teacher Silvio D’Amico, she decided to choose a German name and part of her mother’s surname, Adele Vitiglia.

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After a few roles in comedies, she is noticed by director Michelangelo Antonioni and falls in love with her. Viti becomes his muse and hero of many masterpieces. The meeting with Antonioni marked a turning point in Monica Vitti’s career. (Agg. by Tonya Belloso)

“He is in everyone’s heart, he is in everyone’s heart,” said Carlo Verdone to Monica Vitti.

Aunt with passion the documentary “Vitti d’Arte, Vitti d’amore”, through which Fabrizio Corallo wanted to restore the life and career of Monica Vitti, giving space to the stories and the affection of those who knew and loved her. “Why do I always need others? I must be an idiot. That’s why I don’t know how to get this. Do you know what I want? All the people who loved me find them around me like a wall. And so Viti explodes on screen, with images of one of her famous monologues From the Red Desert, directed by Michelangelo Antonioni in 1964.

Soon, the enthusiastic words of people who loved each other, or at least some of them, converged: Paola Cortelesi, Michele Placido, Enrico Fanzina, Seto Masselli, Barbara Alberti, Laura Delle Colli, Enrico Lucerini, Christian de Sica, Carlo Describe Verdone and Pilar Fogliati, Sandro Veronesi and Giancarlo Giannini Monica Vitti with affection and respect. “He’s in everyone’s heart, he’s in everyone’s heartSays Carlo Verdone, summing up well the appreciation that unites them all.

90 years of Monica Vitti: the life and career of an actress

Tonight, Friday 5th November, at 9.20pm on 3rd Rai documentary film “Vitti d’arte, Vitti d’amore, marking 90 years of Monica Vitti (Done last November 3rd). The documentary traces the life and dazzling career of the famous actress through the voices of those who knew, loved and chose her as an inspirational muse. Director Fabrizio Corallo He wanted to highlight one of the most distinctive characteristics of Monica’s talent in “The great variety of roles and characters is always explained by staying the same in both dramatic and fantastic roles, and the sheer interest in every aspect of making a film that can rightly be defined as co-authorIt starts from theatrical debut, through the first dramatic films until the dedication in Italian comedies along with Alberto Sordi, Ugo Tognazzi, Vittorio Gassman and Nino Manfredi.

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Monica Vitti: The muse of the great Italian directors

space for relationship with Michelangelo Antonioni, which resumed the actress herself, in an interview with French television in a document Moses and the godsHe called himself “The Creation”. four movies, Adventure, night, eclipse, red desert And ten years of passion for cinema. “I want the actor to try to give me what I’m asking for in the best and most accurate way possible…Monica is definitely the first actress that comes to my mind. I can’t think of another person as good as Vanessa Redgrave, as strong as Liz Taylor, as true as Sophia Loren or as talkative as Monica. Monica is incredibly mobile. Few actresses have this mobility characteristic. He has his own personal and original way of acting‘, the director said in 1967 in a long interview with play boy.

After Antonioni, the turning point for Monica Vitti was through the meeting Mario Monicelli Then Ettore Scola. In the documentary, the voices of those who have known and worked with her: from Paola Cortelesi to Michele Placido, Enrico Fanzina, Seto Masselli, Barbara Alberti, Laura Delle Colli, Enrico Lucerini, Christian de Sica, Carlo Verdone, Pilar Fogliati, Sandro Veronese, Giancarlo Giannini.

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