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Right to Count, Movie Tonight on TV on Ray 1: Acting and Plotting

Right to Count, Movie Tonight on TV on Ray 1: Acting and Plotting

Tonight, Wednesday 6 April 2022On Rai 1 go on air right to count (hidden characters), the animated film that tells the true story of African-American mathematician and scientist Kathryn Johnson, who – defying racism – teamed up with NASA to propel the United States into the space race that dominated the 1960s. The protagonist is played by Taraji Benda Henson, surrounded by Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae. Below is the plot of the film, which in 2017 received three Oscar nominations and two Golden Globe nominations.

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Southern United States, in complete racial segregation. Katherine Johnson is a West Virginia girl who is considered a genius by her teachers from a young age. After graduating from West Virginia State College, the 18-year-old became one of the first three black students selected to study mathematics for a bachelor’s degree at the same university.

The Right to Count: The plot of the film

Catherine started and works at West Area Computers at the Langley Research Center in Hampton (which later became NASA), working with a group of females on complex calculations to send a man into space. But, while everyone aspires to take it to the next level, a barrier of racism prevents Katherine and two other black girls – Dorothy (Spencer) and Mary (Monay) – from being promoted.

After learning about Johnson’s enormous talent for analytic engineering, Superintendent Mitchell promotes her so she can join the Harrison’s space mission group, where – despite her excellent contributions – she suffers from racism and discrimination (her colleagues refuse to share a communal coffee pot with her, and she has to She walks more than half a mile to go to the bathroom.)

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Meanwhile, Dorothy becomes an expert on IBM’s new computer, while Mary (who wants to be an engineer) will be instrumental in building the unit to bring the astronauts back to Earth (although not allowed to go to school for the title). . Despite astronaut John Glenn’s excellent work on space launches, Catherine was told she would no longer be wanted on the team. But, when the long-awaited day arrives, the IBM computer makes a mistake that only the world can solve…

Besides the superstar trio (Taraji B. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Janelle Monae), there are several well-known actors such as Kevin Costner (captain Al Harrison, who doesn’t care about Katherine’s skin color), Jim Parsons (Paul Stafford, A. A. A Very Racist Man), Kirsten Dunst (Vivian Mitchell), Mahershala Ali (Jim Johnson, the colonel who falls in love with Catherine) and Glen Powell (astronaut John Glenn). The film cost $25 million and grossed $326 million worldwide.

right to count Loosely inspired by Margot Lee Shetterley’s novel of the same name, and although it presents many important themes related to racial injustice and gender inequality, director Theodore Melffy’s goal is clear, which is to tell a poignant story rather than a historically accurate one. Creative liberties, it is actually very difficult to determine what Kathryn Johnson’s real experience was within NASA).