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Criminal Asylum is the protagonist of the new shots [VIDEO]

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Filming in progress Joker: Folie à Deuxthe sequel to the movie with Joaquin Phoenix In the famous role Gotham clown. A few days ago there were some videos showing the protagonist being chased by some of his “variants”, but now things are definitely getting interesting.

In screenshots of the group tweeting from the account Lady GunnonwentIn fact, one of the most famous places in the Batman universe is on display: Arkham Asylum. The Dark Knight has repeatedly subjected many of his enemies, including the Joker, to criminal asylum. in issuance Todd PhillipsHowever, it wasn’t his fight with the masked hero that got him behind bars.

At the conclusion of the first film, winner of The Golden Lion in Venice And capable of winning Best Actor for Joaquin Phoenix, we saw the character trapped in the Hulk in a final sequence that caused the audience a lot of trouble: Is it a dream sequence? Is this really happening? The answer will come in Folie à Deux, where it looks like Arkham will play an integral role.

Videos from the set show her on fire — one can speculate that she is escape attemptmaybe only those that do not include Arthur Fleck But also a newcomer in the sequel, namely him Harley Quinn. Translated by lady gagait has long been rumored that the character of the psychiatrist will be defaced in this adaptation: according to well-known insiders, it will not be the story of a doctor who falls in love with a patient, but for two guests.

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You can watch videos from the JOKER collection here (You must be logged into Instagram)

Whatever the answer, it looks like the Todd Phillips-directed musical won’t be short on a good dose of action. For the end result, we’ll have to wait a long time: a release Joker: Folie à Deux scheduled only for October 4, 2024.

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