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Historic Discovery What was once suspected now becomes reality! Confirmation arrived

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Official confirmations of the presence of water on the moon

There is water on the moon! Of course, we’ve known this since 2020 when the Flying Telescope was Sophiain coordination NASADiscover the water molecule in Clavius ​​crater. Now, however, the official confirmation has arrived, as also reported by the newspaper Corriere della Serathanks for the A probe launched from China.

Chang’e-5 robot (the name of the moon goddess) returned to Earth with the discovery of samples of Small glass balls Which were fragments of molten and cooled rock, the result of the violent impacts of meteorites on the lunar surface, aided by the solar wind.
“The Moon is constantly bombarded by small meteorites and large meteorites, which produce droplets, similar to glass beads, during events in which a very large amount of energy is released. These droplets act like sponges: they contain aqueous matter, and then they periodically release it into space. . said the scientist Sen is affiliateBeijing Institute of Geophysics and Geology Who signed the study published in Natural Earth Sciences.

The expert said in detail: “The water that is produced thanks to the action of the solar wind is derived from the interaction of hydrogen molecules with oxygen on the surface of the lunar glass spheres.”

Recall that solar wind It consists of a stream of charged particles, protons and electrons, that emerge from the corona, the outermost part of the solar atmosphere, and permeate the entire solar system.

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