Thursday, February 29, 2024

“Plastic Mountains”, Camia's documentary screened in Cremona

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The exhibition will resume in 2024Walking on a silk thread“Dedicated to environmental sustainability, it is promoted by the Cremona Campus of the Milan Polytechnic in cooperation with the municipality and several local entities. Opening events on Monday evening Screening of the documentary film “At the Velo Cinema”Mountains of plastic“L Manuel CamiaIt is a film that follows the first global study on plastic pollution of glaciers, and narrates the research work of the University of Milan, consisting of field investigations and laboratory analyses.

Confirmed by researchers Marco Parolini And Roberto Ambrosini That microplastics have reached the glaciers, the director in the documentary tried to answer some questions. Production continued for two years, starting on the Forney Glacier Stelvio National Park. “I wanted to use the language of cinema to document the scientific research conducted by the two researchers in this wonderful open-air laboratory that is the mountain,” explains Kamiya. “The mountain lends itself well to demonstrating that environmental problems transcend not only geographical borders as evidenced by plastic’s journeys across the planet, but also time journeys. Which leads to tomorrow's generations making the mistakes of their predecessors.”

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