September 27, 2023

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Ultra Rieti commando fans: “We will support Calcio Nova Riete everywhere. The municipality will provide the stadium soon”

“After a long enforced absence, let’s go back to reading, the situation that has arisen in recent months has exactly confirmed our expectations for October. When we asked for the ‘euthanasia’ of a dying woman FC Rieti We did it with full knowledge of the facts, if we had been listened to, we would have had another 9 months to make a new project and we would certainly not have an unusable stadium.” Commando Ultra Riety 1997.

But we are not interested in being right because it doesn’t make sense to keep talking about the past, we need to create a better future. We were always clear, failure would not frighten us, But we pretended to start from scratch; Building a new student from the ground up brings back the only real positive thing about football, the social function, the one that takes kids off the street. So, the youth sector, the football school and the first team from Rieti, who proudly wear a blue velor shirt and play at the Manlio Skopinho Stadium”, says Cur.

“For this very reason, we have unanimously decided thatNew Rieti CalcioThe company we support will be everywhere. We are not interested in the category that cannot be defined as slavery, Cur97 prides itself on its existence from Montefiascone to Catania, from Sassari to Rovigo and if the challenge will be support our In Rieti counties we will do so with pride and mentality. We strongly request the city administration, who hastened to remove it The theater to the old property, to restore its functionality and ensure that Nuova Rieti can play there as quickly as possible. Cur97 is back to support Rieti, everywhere and anyway, waiting to get back where we deserve it” Cur97 fans concluded.

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