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Let’s get started, space for under 20’s, Crippa and Battocletti await! – OA Sports

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09:41 Joel Ibler LillesØ remained in command of operations, and the group began to lengthen with several athletes already more than 15 seconds behind.

09:38 In the first median to lead the group we find the Danes Axel Vang Christensen and Joel Eppler Lilisso, the first Blues in the 21st place is Konjoneh Maggi.

09:36 Here we go!

09.33 There will be 101 athletes at the start, from 28 different countries, the show is guaranteed!

09:30 The test will last 6 kilometers, and Italy should not fight for the positions that count in this race. The favorites on the eve of the match are the Dane Axel Vang Christensen, the Norwegians Abdullah Daher Rabi, Joel Ebler Lilsou and the Irishman Nick Griggs.

09:27 Italy will be present at the start of the men’s under-20 test with 6 athletes: Matteo Bardia, Niccolo Cornale, Congoni Maggi, Elia Matteo, Francesco Robellato and Federico Sammartino.

09:24 Today’s program will be particularly rich, as it will start at 09.35 with the competition for youth under 20s (men), to end at 13:10 with the senior men’s test.

09:21 But the medal cards for Italy certainly didn’t end here, Nadia Patocletti is actually the technical favorite for the under-23 race, and a result other than a podium would be disappointing.

09:18 highlights the stunning challenge of the senior men’s race: Yeman Kripa, European 10,000-meter champion and silver medalist in that race, will challenge all-around champion Jakob Ingebrigtsen, in what appears on paper to be a no-go challenge.

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09:15 This year’s European cross-country races will be held at La Mandria Park in Venaria Reale (Turin), Italy starts with ambitions and will keep us in particularly good shape in front of its fans.

09:12 Hello, and welcome to the live stream of the 2022 European Cross Country Championships.

Individual racing favouritesItaly hopes to get the medal All Italians in the raceprogram and times

Hello, and welcome to the 2022 European Cross Country Championships live stream. Park flock Venaria Reale (in the province of Turin) hosts the continental event dedicated to cross-country running. Promises to be a great show in piedmont and Italy wants to be a great champion in front of your audience. The team led by DT Antonio La Torre has all the credentials to look for a coup and bring home some medals.

The highlight is Liman Kripa. European Champion in the 10,000m race He wants to get back on the podium after finishing second three years ago and dreams of victory. Trentino is expected byAn unlikely challenge against Norway’s Jacob Ingebrigtsen, the Olympic champion in the 1500m race and the world champion in the 5000m race, as well as the holder of the Continental Cross title. Blue will have to invent magic if it wants to win, as well as keep an eye on other luxury men like Spain’s Mehmet Kater (world championship bronze over 1,500m and continental silver over 5,000m), Frenchman Jan Schrupp (European bronze over 10,000m), Turkey’s Aras Kaya (winner in 2016 and 2019), Belgium’s Isaac Kimeli, Britain’s Emile Cayers, the other Iberians are Carlos Mayo, Abdessamad Oukhelvin and Nassim Hsou.

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Instead, Nadia Patokleti will be the favorite on the eve of this year’s Under-23s., emerging after last year’s triumph and seeking a fourth consecutive seal in the youth categories (two previously among the under-20). The Blue will have to compete in particular with the Portuguese Mariana Machado, the French Manon Trapp and the Irish Sarah Healy (third, fourth and fifth, respectively, in 2021). To follow the medley relay: Gaia Sabatini, Federica del Bono, Yassin Bouye and Pietro Ares They have all the credentials to be able to give themselves a good result.

OA Sport brings you live streaming of the 2022 tournaments across Europe: Real-time news, minute by minute, race after race, so you never really miss a thing. It starts at 09.35 With the under-20s, followed by the medley relay and the under-23 youth competitions. During the lunch hour, big rehearsals will keep us engaged. I listen.

Photo: La Presse

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