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“One thing I would like to say…”

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The 29-year-old Roman, a former male and female racer, let go of confessions about his ex-fiancé and his girlfriend secretly.

29 years old from Rome Luca Salatinowho concluded his experience as a tronista a men and women The 27-year-old’s choice is originally from Como, Soraya Sirutihe’s back on Instagram talking about his girlfriend, with whom things are going well.

Men and Women, Luca Salatino on Soraia Ceruti: “I feel like I’m saying one thing..”

Although there are many who did not believe their story, the two boys, away from the cameras, are more united than ever and in recent weeks have spent many moments together strengthening their bond even more. LucaDespite his always sarcastic and well-meaning attitude, yesterday he wanted to step in on social media to talk seriously about what he stands for. secretly And the extraordinary person who proves every day that he:

“Guys, I wanted to say one thing. Since I’m always joking, laughing, there’s this but I don’t want it to be taken lightly or to seem a little superficial sometimes. One thing I feel like saying. I’m really glad I found someone I’ve always liked In his setting in front of me first and then ready to understand me, someone close to me, sensitive, full of values, cheerful, humble. So far I am really happy.”


“Having someone like this by your side gives you an edge in life, I’m telling you the truth.”

until recently, Luca Assign a job toformer suitor Dedicate sweet words to her:

“You know?! I’ve always been afraid. Fear of being myself. Fear of having someone near me who doesn’t understand me. Maybe I’m afraid of falling in love…. I’ve always been looking for a good person. Someone who doesn’t always make me feel wrong.. I’ve always been I wanted a girlfriend, a girlfriend, a lover, a sister…and you are all of this…. You see good things always come when you least expect them and today I want to shout it out to the whole world…..I love you! “

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