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Sega thinks his “super game” will make over $600 million –

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saw He has what he calls a “A great game“What he expects, he will be able to achieve Revenue exceeds $600 million During its life cycle, according to what appeared in the latest report on the financial statements of the Japanese company.

In a section of the company’s long-term goals report, it was mentioned how Sega is “trying to create a superhero game.” The title is currently in development and the “ultimate goal” is to create something like this revolutionary To attract more users than any other project he has worked on.

CEO Haruki Satomi believes that this mysterious super-project will bring in 100 billion yen, or roughly 670 million dollars. We’re clearly talking about mind-boggling numbers, indicating how high Sega’s expectations for this game are and the central role it will play in the company’s future plans.

Sega, some of the most famous characters from its games

At the moment, we know very little about Sega’s “Super Game”, except that the Japanese company plans to release it to the market by March 2026. From the first details shared by Satomi, we can guess that it will be a title live serviceso it features multiplayer interactions and full and lasting post-launch support to keep players hooked over the years.

“The ultimate goal of the super game strategy is to create a game so revolutionary that it will attract users far more active than Sega games so far,” said Satomi.

Additionally, Sega appears to be targeting gamers who spend a lot of time on streaming services like Twitch and banners.

“The key to making this happen is the ability to bring together a large community that includes not only gamers, but also game live-streamers and viewers watching their videos. This kind of community expands and develops players further. Game content, adding value to the game does not It can be imagined by the developers and launch a broader movement, which can attract more users and significantly increase the game’s presence in the market,” Satomi said.

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