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Alessandro Ciani The mother is very famous: present in all his films | This is the democrat

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Alessandro Ciani is very famous, but even his mother is certainly no less. In fact, we’ve seen her a lot in her movies

He is definitely one of the most loved, appreciated and followed actors on the big and small screen of this generation, Alessandro Ciani. He participated in many work projects, in which he joined many voices from the world of cinema, including also Christian de Sica. Thanks to his talent, he also managed to re win over To a large number of awards. Something that says a lot about his talent, how successful he is and what he achieves.

However, one thing that is not known to many is that the mother of the Neapolitan actor, He works in his own field. The woman who gave birth Alessandro Ciani In 1975 she is, Nunzia XianoThe actress who made acting her profession par excellence. But let’s find out together some details that are inherent in a woman.

From how can we read real newshe is Nunzia Xiano The woman he brought into the world Alessandro Ciani. On more than one occasion we have seen her along with her son, in different films they became real sources of wealth and fame for both of them.

This is the mother of Alessandro Ciani

Alessandro Ciani's mother

In fact, the woman also made her face in Legendary Welcome to the south, while we have also seen her in many other Italian films. In fact, many will notice him in the movie Welcome to Esposito’s home. The right to the long film The little girl who doesn’t want to sing She played an important role, which is the same in fiction Commissioner Ricciardi.

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In short, it is a profession full of projectsEven if few associate it with the legendary Alessandro Ciani. In fact, the passion for acting seems to be part of the family. Especially if you look at the huge success that they both managed to achieve over time.

woman has clear thoughts Since she was a child she chose to approach a world the acting. Her career is noteworthy, which she sees as present in Ben 22 movies Approximately 12 fantasy. Nunzia Xiano So he played a role Alessandro Ciani’s mother In one of the films in which he was the protagonist.

woman in each Movie In which he works, he represents a milestone for representation in Italy. In fact, the number of projects Who participated in it, is definitely important.

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