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Finland’s president promised: “No more hockey with Putin. Ready to protect our borders “

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Until a few days ago the newspapers presented the President of Finland Sully Niinistö How One of the most respected politicians by Vladimir Putin. Also thanks to the hockey match in Saint Petersburg dating back to 2012 and the photos they immortalized together. Now that his country is about to join NATO, he has changed his mind. Either on the Kaiser or in a hockey game. In an interview with Republic He explains why: “At the beginning of last December, Putin gave a speech in which he said that NATO could no longer expand, especially on the Russian borders. A clear message for us and for Sweden. These choices, however, belong solely to our will. It was almost a shock. How can we have contributed to stability? Perhaps if we had lined up someone would have thought: Of course, because Moscow forbids you. In Finnish public opinion, support for membership began to increase. Then when the attack on Ukraine began, it turned out that it could also prepare for the invasion of other neighboring countries. ”

That’s why Helsinki changed its mind about the Kaiser“Let’s remember that back in January they said they weren’t going to attack. We must be careful. Avoid making excuses for escalation outside Ukraine.” And now he is preparing: I never thought that Russia would only attack us, but we should think about the possibility of war – as we theoretically hope. We are able to protect our borders.” For Putin, according to Niinistö, he was never a true partner: “By sharing those long borders, there are daily problems to be solved. In the Gulf of Finland, for example, sea transport is always intensive. There are families with parents of both nationalities. In short, Russia was not a partner but a neighbor to be seen. But in hockey he became categorical: “No, with Putin I will not play it anymore.”

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