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Sony will be working on a dedicated Pro Controller, with exclusive features –

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According to insider Tom Henderson, who has been in a massive amount of dust recently, Sony will work on a Pro . Control for PS5, with highly advanced exclusive features. According to reports, the announcement of the new devices will arrive in the coming weeks.

Will we have a PS5 Pro console soon?

The controller’s codename should be “Hunt”, while the features should be removable sticksTrigger stop and rear buttons.

Henderson checked his source, who also provided him with pictures of the prototypes (unpublished) who naturally wanted to remain anonymous to avoid problems.

According to insiders, the images show a classic PlayStation 5 style console, thus it is similar to DualSense From a design point of view, but with some significant differences, one of them will be the buttons under the analog sticks, which allow you to remove them. Sony calls them “removable stick units”.

Another advanced feature is that Trigger stop On the back of the console, which adds to the paddles/buttons. These are the innovations introduced in the SCUF Gaming and NACON consoles that have become so popular in recent years among the most demanding gamers.

The prototype will also have gods control To help grip the console, which can also be removed.

According to the same source, the so-called internally PS5 Pro Controller will also have a major software update.

It was not clear when it would be revealed, but the source says it will come “soon”. However, Henderson talks about several new devices that Sony revealed by the end of June, as revealed to him by several sources (no new console, for those who were wondering), but it’s unclear if the PS5 Pro console will be a part also from him.

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As always, we invite you to take information from unofficial sources with due caution, although it must be said that Henderson has proven to be very reliable in his reporting. Giusto recently revealed in advance that Hideo Kojima will be at the Xbox event.

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