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Ukraine Russia, news of today’s war | Putin’s wrath over American weapons in Kyiv. Severodonetsk besieged

Ukraine Russia, news of today’s war |  Putin’s wrath over American weapons in Kyiv.  Severodonetsk besieged
from Francesco Battistini, Andrea Marinelli, Guido Olympio and Marta Serafini

On Saturday, May 28th, news of the war was broadcast live. Salvini is preparing to visit Moscow. Kadyrov: A group of Chechen fighters has completely taken control of the line of contact with the “Ukrainian nationalists”

• The The war in Ukraine Day 94: Here is a special about three months of conflict.

• The Russians are advancing to the Donbass. Zelensky: “It’s genocide.” Biden is ready to send more powerful weapons.
Salvini is considering the possibility of visiting Moscow He specifies: “If I decide to go, I will inform my Draghi first.”
Yesterday was the phone call between Draghi and Zelensky: “We need to open ports together to prevent a food crisis.” Putin holds the Ukrainians responsible for mines in ports that prevent ships from transporting grain loads and suspend negotiations.
• The Ukrainian Orthodox Church separates from Moscow and declares its independence.
• According to the Medusa news site, Russia is considering a second attack on Kyiv, possibly in the fall.

06:41 – The transfer of Matteo Salvini, who plans to go to Moscow

(Gianluca MercuryThe leader of the association, Matteo Salvini, is working on a possible trip to Moscow.

when do you want to go?

In the next few days: perhaps tomorrow he will be in Istanbul, after which he will reach the Russian capital from there, where he will stop at least two days for “institutional meetings”. In 2017, he had seen Lavrov.

his words

“They ask me if I will go to Moscow,” Salvini told reporters yesterday. I ask you. Draghi did one thing right: call Putin. It is clear that peace is not achieved by lighting a candle in the cathedral, but must be built and sought by telephone, meeting by meeting. There is a duty to do my best to get closer to peace, and just as I did my best to contact Putin, I am doing my best.” in league chat, Marco Cremonese revealswas even clearer: “After weeks of work and at all levels, the possibility opens to meet, to talk about a ceasefire, grain supplies and a return to dialogue, representatives of the governments of Russia and Turkey, as well as representatives of governments and other international institutions.”

Preparatory meetings
On May 5, Salvini met with the Turkish ambassador in Rome, and yesterday, the Vatican’s Secretary of State, Pietro Parolin.

How did they get it in the league?

Cremonie: «The Northern League raises its arms: “It has become his obsession…”and “Executive Officer” calls himself: “I do not know whether it makes sense to once again emphasize the image of a “man from Moscow”.“.

Marco Galusso notes in this regard that “the relations of Salvini and other members of the League with the Russian power have not always been judged transparently, whether by journalistic investigations or by Judicial investigationsinvestigations in which she was not directly involved with the leader of the League, but she shone a light that is not always clear on his network of relations with Moscow ».

How did they get it in the government
Galuzzo: «“It is news that speaks for itself,” they note with a glimpse of annoyance, bewilderment, and even sarcasm at Palazzo Chigi“.”There is a fear that Salvini will expose Italy to a bad person, remembering among other things his trip to Poland“.”A visit by a prominent member of the majority to Moscow will be viewed negatively in international circles“Both Draghi and Foreign Minister Di Maio.”It was described by government sources as at least disturbed, to put it mildly, by the mere hypothesis of the trip“.

How did they take it in the Democratic Party

Enrico Letta:A strange and useless initiative: Salvini goes where his heart beatsNo comment from other parties.

Massimo Franco’s comment Salvini’s movePromises to exacerbate the suspicions that cast the Northern League leader since the beginning of the armed aggression: to embrace pacifist principles favoring Russian strategy.“.

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06:37 – The turning point in arms in Kyiv, and Putin’s wrath

(Gianluca MercuryOn the ninety-fourth day of the war, news arrives from CNN that the United States has decided to arm Ukraine as Ukraine wants.

point by point:
What a weapon

It’s called MLRS, which stands for Multiple Launch Rocket System and is a long-range rocket launcher system, capable of firing bursts of missiles up to 300 km away and moving quickly on armored vehicles. “This is what we need to respond to the Russians’ retreat,” Kyiv Foreign Minister Kuleba said a few days ago.

When will it be used?

Ukrainians will need two weeks to learn how it works. European and possibly American trainers will already explain it to him on site.

Because he didn’t come before that

For two reasons, Francesco Battistini explains: “1) These are highly advanced systems that the Pentagon jealously guards, because few of them, and the generals fear that the stock necessary for national defense will run out; 2) There is a real danger that Kyiv will use it to strike Russian territory as it has already done, thus expanding the conflict.” But Zelensky would have given reassurances to the United States about “defensive” use.

Because it’s important

Because traditional Russian artillery is hitting Ukrainian targets from 50 km away, and if this is possible now they will have to retreat. In the east of the country, at the moment, the Ukrainian resistance is experiencing great difficulty precisely because the Russians, while advancing very slowly, are free to strike.

Severodonetsk example

The city under siege, now known as “New Mariupol”, is the last stronghold of the Lugansk region, where more than 100,000 of its 120,000 residents have already fled. Its governor told Marta Serafini that “the Russians are winning thanks to the Grad (self-propelled missile systems) and long-range artillery: if new weapons arrive, it will take very little to push them back.” In the meantime, how long can the city resist? “A week, two at most.”

American moves

Andrea Marinelli and Guido Olympio made it clear in their military view that the United States follows the same pattern for three months: they wait to see how long the Ukrainians will resist and then step up the level of assistance. So they went from offering to escape to Zelensky to supply portable anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles (Javelin and Stinger), even a Switchblade drone. now mr. But the Ukrainians are already demanding something more, the Hemar (High Mobility Artillery Missile System), and more agile and lighter rocket launchers.

Is it escalation?

Literally, yes. Could it have been avoided? Literally, no: without these weapons, today’s Ukraine would be Putin’s tennis court.

And how did Putin take it?

Terrible of course. The Russian president himself spoke of “a realistic aggression by some enemy states.” And Foreign Minister Lavrov went further: «The West has declared war on us, on the whole Russian world. It will be a long war… ».

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03:21 a.m. – Severodonetsk exits in eastern Ukraine are closed

The besieged Ukrainian city of Severdonetsk appears to be almost completely besieged by Russian forces. The leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, said last night – according to the Russian news agency TASS – that a group of Chechen fighters fully took control of the line of contact with the “Ukrainian nationalists” in Severodonetsk, and they prevented the exit from the city. The “line of communication” is the demarcation of the boundary between two or more armies, whether they are allies or warriors.

02:00 – Donetsk, five civilians killed and four injured

Five civilians were killed and four injured in the past 24 hours due to shelling in the Donetsk region. This was stated by the head of the Regional Military Administration Pavel Kirilenko, who stressed the impossibility of determining the exact number of casualties in Mariupol and Volnovakia at the moment.

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