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Iran and my boss to Israel: If they attack us, we will destroy Tel Aviv and Haifa

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Escalating tensions in the Middle East between Iran and Israel. During the military parade in Tehran on National Army Day, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi addressed Israel directly, declaring that “the slightest move against Iran by the enemies, especially the Zionist regime, will meet a harsh response from the Iranian armed forces and will lead to the destruction of Tel Aviv and Haifa.”

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“The message from the Iranian armed forces to the forces outside the region that are in the region, especially the US forces, is that they must leave the region as soon as possible because this will be beneficial for both them and the region.” President Raisi said, according to what was reported by state television. Raisi said, “The presence of these forces not only helps in stabilizing security in the region, but on the contrary threatens regional security,” adding, “The strength of the Iranian forces is beneficial to the region because it always maintains the sovereignty and security of the countries of the region.”

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On the occasion of National Army Day, the Iranian army marched in large parades in various cities across the country. During the parade in Tehran, the army’s four divisions – the Ground Forces, Navy, Air Force and Air Defense Forces – showed off their equipment.

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