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Trailer Announcing Kimberly And Gorey (Updated) –

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While EVO 2022 is happening, come Street Fighter 6 leaked Two characters from the list before time , Kimberly and GoreyThrough Capcom’s official social accounts, which obviously made some mistakes.

August 8, 2022 update: Capcom has officially announced Kimberly and Juri for Street Fighter 6 with a trailer for EVO 2022, which you can see in the player on top of the news, confirming the information leaked yesterday.

The following original article:

These are two fighters, one unreleased and one rather returning from previous chapters.

The first is Kimberly, who actually showed herself in Street Fighter 6 alongside Jamie in the game’s second trailer. Named “Ninja”, she is a student of Gay, she follows the art of Bushinryu and seems quite fascinated by 80s pop culture, which is why she always carries with her some kind of “walkman”.

The other character is gory, “The Sadist”, a fighter already well known in the world of Street Fighter, first appeared in Super Street Fighter 4 and then in Street Fighter V. The antagonist, who was once a sworn enemy of M. Bison and now is just a fighter who can no longer give up Thrill of combat after defeating her opponent. You can find pictures of fighters in This address on ResetEraafter Capcom’s tweets were removed.

For the rest, just yesterday we saw a video showing the real-time news of Street Fighter 6 matches, while the classic versions of Ryu, Chun-Li and Guile were confirmed.

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