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Cannabis, M5S conference regulation and ‘Canada model’ tomorrow

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The ‘Cannabis Control – Canada Model’ meeting organized by M5S will be held tomorrow in the conference room of Palazzo Theodoli Biancelli in Parliament Square in Rome. The event, which runs from 3pm to 7pm, can also be followed via Facebook, with David Grippa, M5S’s team leader in the Chamber, attending.

II Mario Ferdonandi, Chairman of the Judicial Commission, Antonio de Luca, spokesman for the 5 Star Movement in Arsenal; . The conference was moderated by Katrina Licatini of the Security Council and M5S in the Chamber.

“The example of legal cannabis in Canada removes prejudices that have been a barrier to consumer rights and protection in Italy for many years,” says Likatini.

“The reasons behind the Canadian legalization in 2018 speak for themselves,” Licatini explains. Breaking the barrier culminated in 2018. From this perspective, Canada is already reaping significant results and benefits.

“The safety of children should be the compass of good politics: we know that all substances (from drugs to alcohol) are harmful to young people, but it is negative to feed the rhetoric of drugs in a negative way, it does not explain to children. There is no distinguishing between the very heavy and deadly stuff that exists.My bill has already contributed to the basic text with the collapse of the Judicial Commission, we must expedite it.

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