December 6, 2023

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Delegation from Isola Liri, Caledon (Canada): We are moving towards twins.

Delegation from Isola Liri, Caledon (Canada): We are moving towards twins.

A delegation from the city of Caledon (Ontario, Canada) will be guests of the city of Isola del Liri next August 26 to 31. The visit is part of a program aimed at signing a bilateral agreement between the two communities. Born out of the inspiration of a Canadian city and city councillor Tony Rosa, The ties began last fall. The work done by entrepreneurs of island origin in these early stages was invaluable Joe Terzigny, Through the National Representative ANCI Patrizio Di Folco and XV by the Extraordinary Commissioner of the Mountain Community of ‘Valle del Liri’ Rosella ciceroli. The work of Friends of the Canadians follows one that took place in Caledon in June, in which the aforementioned Patricio de Folco participated. Stefano Vitale (Chairman of the Municipality of Isola del Liri) e Stefano Carducci, Head of the Mayor’s Secretariat and Head of Twins Project.

The Mayor expressed great satisfaction Massimiliano Quatrini Caledon is waiting to receive a delegation led by the Mayor, Alan ThompsonDirector Tony Rosa, inspired by the twin project, Gary Hird, Boss of Caledon mayor and businessman Joe Tersigny.

“An initiative of strategic importance for both our communities, a powerful tool for development under the cultural, social and economic level for both cities, separated by the Atlantic Ocean, but today still close, thanks to the desire to strengthen the historical relationship that binds us”. In fact, we recall that Canada was one of the main places where we migrated abroad in the last century, and that the city of Caledon has 40% of its population of Italian origin, most of all from Scioccia. Staff from the two cities are working to technically define the terms of the agreement to be signed by the two mayors. Meanwhile, the delegation’s reception activities have been entrusted to the “Isola Nel Mondo” Citizens Association. Alberto Simomo.

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