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Ubisoft is closing all offices in Europe

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Italy, Poland, Spain, Holland and Nordic countries. These are Ubisoft to close local branches in EuropeAn inside Business restructuring plan on the continent. The split concerns the commercial and administrative divisions of the French video game company, not the gaming development studios. The The layoffs affect 60 people. Ubisoft announced the news in an announcement Wired Got a preview for Italy. “Ubisoft Group is reorganizing its European business subsidiaries to better prepare them for the future of our rapidly evolving industry with a more agile and efficient approach.”, the company announces.

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European cuts

That is the restructuring of the company Creates topics like Assassin’s Creed And **Prince of Persia ** Provides Three regional hubs: Northern Europe and Canada, Southern Europe and Central Europe. “As a result, our offices in Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and the Nordic countries are closing. The changes are expected to affect around 60 employees”. Read: Trigger a layoff. Wired The news was expected that Ubisoft would close its commercial and administrative branch in Italy, based in Assago, a southern suburb of Milan.

Early March Ubisoft S.p.A. is a 100% controlled multinational company Based in Montreuil outside Paris, Communicate Definite cessation of operations of the business branch In Italy, the liquidation and consequent dismissal of 14 employees. Ubisoft also has a development studio in Milan, which led to the launch of one of the French company’s most sophisticated projects in 2017. Mario+Rabbits Kingdom BattleA topic that melts the world MarioOne of the pillars of the Nintendo family, with that of rabbitsDishonored Rabbits made at Ubisoft, and it didn’t suffer from the European remake.

In general, the multinational company, born in 1986, today has 21,000 employees in France, Europe and Canada. Reduces the scope of the company Reducing commercial and administrative functions to avoid interfering with the backbone of his business, namely the development of video games.

Topics and Technologies

On the other hand, he signed in September 2022 A deal with Netflix to bring its games to the streaming platform. Netflix plans to release 40 titles, nearly doubling its current slate of 55, and Ubisoft is in pole position with three exclusives. In the last few hours, the trailers and the release date have been fixed as April 18 Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace.

The company says the choice to close is “It is not taken lightly”. However, shares have been trading around 22 euros for weeks and far from the highs of 2018 (when they topped 100 euros) and a Downward revision of financial targets As reported earlier in the year, the group controlled by the Guillemot family had to give a signal to the market. has 500 million cut in research and development. He hopes branch closures in Europe will cut costs and, in some ways, reduce structure that no longer responds to the consumption habits of customers who have shifted many of their purchases online. The last year to take funds Guillemot Brothers, The family’s holding company of the same name and Ubisoft’s majority shareholder is open to Chinese giant Digital Services and Gaming, TencentHe invested reaching 300 million Security holds 49.9% shares and 5% voting rights.

Ubisoft also announced in the last few hours Application of an artificial intelligence system, Ghostwriter (professionals who write dialogue or books for others), handle the dialogue of non-playing secondary characters. The multinational hoped that the use of this technology would not affect the work of the screenwriters of its titles.

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