Home science No space on Gmail? There is a trick to empty your personal inbox

No space on Gmail? There is a trick to empty your personal inbox

No space on Gmail?  There is a trick to empty your personal inbox

With all the emails being sent and received every day, especially for work, there is a risk of running out of space. Here’s a trick to empty your Gmail inbox

It is now fixed, especially for those who spend a lot of time at the computer and have (for work reasons) to exchange dozens of emails every day: Inbox is full. How many times have I read the annoying warning “Out of storage space”? you’re not the only one

gmail 20220622 mobiles.it
There are some simple tricks that allow you to gain useful space on Gmail, even in the most dangerous situations (Adobe Stock)

As you see gmailIn fact, there is a trick as simple as it is effective to free up useful space and thus receive new emails without particular hurdles. We remind you that Google makes it available 15 GB free For all of its users, who, however, must also share them with other services offered by the Company.

Gmail, here’s how to free up useful space in your mailbox

gmail 20220622 mobiles.it
The respective tricks can also be used without having to pay to increase the available cloud storage space (Adobe Stock)

If your account gmail It is full and you can no longer receive any email, the advice is to follow some useful tricks. First of all, look for the heaviest attachments, without searching for them one by one. In fact, it is enough to write Size:[size in bytes]” in the search box at the top of the page. This way, all emails that weigh more than usual will appear. Messages with attachments are not included. In this case, you should use the command She has an attachment.

Another useful trick is Save the files to the cloud and then share them via the link. And you can do it directly with Drive, but 15GB might not be enough. One solution is to pay and get additional space, or to rely on third-party services. You will be provided with links accessible to everyone, so that you can share heavier attached files in seconds and without taking up much space within Your Gmail account. These are just some of the many tricks you can use with the Big G so you don’t have to worry about the small amount of storage space left.


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