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Red lights – Libero Quotidiano

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The movie Red Light may have put a wrench in the works in the story between them Maria Elena Bosque And Giulio Perotti. The actor, who for some time happily engaged with Vice Italia Viva, was going to shoot “50 Gray Smokers” in the Polish version. To reveal them, complete with pictures, is Dagosbya. The movie will be titled “Dziewczyny z Dubaju” and will feature scenes that are nothing short of fiery.

“Because of the lack of poses, actor Giulio Perotti returned from his experience in a Polish film no less than a thriller – we read on Roberto D’Agostino’s website – Perotti has already allowed himself nude scenes in the past but rumor has it that Maria Elena Bosque followed the project very carefully, It shows signs of failure a lot of jealousy. Could it be true? “.

On the other hand, the shots leave very little room for imagination. For months there were rumors of an increase between Bush and Beiruti. will be the two She went through a moment of crisis. According to at least various rumors, both of them denied by always photographing them together. Not only that, because rumors about an upcoming wedding could have been ruled out. Behind there is a red light film? Who knows, what is certain is that in Boschi – no secret – some scenes may not go down.

Here are Beiruti’s photos from the filming set of “Dziewczyny z Dubaju”

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