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Do you know who Rosanna Banfi is? Age, Dancing With The Stars, Father Leno, Breast Cancer, Movies, Biography, Husband & Kids

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In 2009, Rosanna defeated breast cancer with surgery and chemotherapy after her discovery. Her father talked about it during an episode of Derita’s La Vita and she herself has given several interviews in recent years. In one of these he said, “I took the disease and won,” during a precautionary campaign.

Who is Rosanna Banfi?

  • Full name: Rosanna Zagaria
  • date of Birth: 10/04/1963
  • place of birth: Canosa de Puglia
  • Zodiac sign: Aries
  • to rise: 1.68 m
  • nationality: Italia
  • profession: an actress
  • Appearance date: 1982
  • social: FacebookAnd the Instagram

Personal Biography

Actress, comedian, and director Rosanna Banffy was born on April 10, 1963 in Canosa di Puglia (Barry) to Lucia Lagrasta and Lino Banfi. His father was a famous Italian actor and comedian, considered one of the most popular interpreters of Italian erotic comedies. Rosanna grew up with her family in Rome, where she attended many theater schools and academies. He made his cinema debut and is credited with his real name in the films Go forward you that make me laugh by Giorgio Capitani and Pappa e ciccia by Neri Parenti in 1982.

At the end of the 1980s he appeared in a series of films starring his father, including Roba da Ricchi by Sergio Corbucci and Bellifreschi by Enrico Oldoini, both from 1987. He always participated alongside Lino Banfi in the TV drama RAI, which he remembers very much. . In 1989 he was on the police force’s task force. From 1998 to 2006 she played Tea in the series Un Medico in Famiglia – an obstetrician also qualified as a physiologist, with a passion for singing and writing Harmony novels – along with the character Nonno Libero, played by the main therapist in his real life. Life: The grandfather is always present and taking care of the protagonist of the series.

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From 1997 to 2004 he starred in other TV series such as Angelo the janitor and Tell me a story. In 2006, Ludovico Gasparini directed her in the TV movie Il padre delle brose, where she played a lesbian woman. This interpretation is due five years after the Gay Village award. Two years later he appeared in the episode “Abuse of Power” season 8 of Police District, another hugely popular novel. Continuing her third appearance in the cast of the Italian TV series, Rosanna Banfi returns in 2022 when she and her father always co-star in the version of The Masked Singer, taking second place in a chick costume. In this talent show hosted by Milly Carlucci, some characters from the entertainment world perform anonymously and only reveal their identity at the end. Rosanna Banfi returns to find Carlucci as a rival to Dancing with the Stars in October 2022.

Private life

Rosanna Banffy is close to her brother Walter. During his adolescence he had a rebellious spirit and a very strict father; Today she is close to Lino Banfi. She married actor and screenwriter Fabio Leoni in 1992 and their children were born Virginia in 1993 and Pietro in 1998 from their union. In 2009 she underwent surgery for breast cancer and also underwent chemotherapy. Since then it has become a prevention of these diseases. Lino Banfi spoke to her personally about the disease during an interview with Derita’s La Vita Show.

What does Rosanna Banffy do outside the entertainment world?

In 2017, the actress opened the Orecchietteria restaurant in the Prati district of Rome. He serves Apulian products with his family, who also runs a nursery for dogs. The actress has a dog named Gilda (2011), whom she has affectionately dubbed “the duck” on social media. In an interview with Corriere della Sera, the actress said that it was Lino Banfi who gave birth to her and helped her mother during childbirth.

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