Home Top News Formula 1, GB Montreal: All Statistics of Canada

Formula 1, GB Montreal: All Statistics of Canada

Formula 1, GB Montreal: All Statistics of Canada

Formula 1 returns to Montreal, in a special circuit for Hamilton, in 2007 All Formula 1 Canadian GB was broadcast live on Sky Sport and is now streaming.

Global rankings

Canada will be an important weekend for Louis Hamilton. He landed on the circuit that gave him his first pole and career success in 2007, after which Lewis practically did a clean sweep here.: In 2019 he won for the seventh time (thanks to a penalty for the cut), equalizing the lead of Michael Schumacher’s circuit. Seven wins is an interesting, almost record-breaking feat: he has won only 8 times in Hungary and Silverstone (the record for most wins in a round in F1 history). However, this robbery comes at a difficult time for Louis, who can become even more difficult in numbers.

Hamilton: A comparison of numbers between the present and the past

In the community

Hamilton: “My back is not right, we will continue to fight”

Hamilton returned unscathed in 9 consecutive races, and recorded the fastest 10, three times in his career: Brazil 2008 to Germany 2009; Brazil 2012 to Germany 2013 and Belgium 2013 to Australia 2014. So for 8 years Hamilton has not faced such a difficult moment, and the comparison with the 2019 Canadian GB is, to this day, the last, most ruthless. Hamilton then went on to win his fifth, and Canada the seventh round. He left Montreal with 29 points ahead of Potas and 62 points ahead of Vettel, the team’s first driver. Those 62 points make an icy comparison with the current situation, finishing sixth in the World Championship with 62 points, the 88th break of President Verstopen.

Ferrari: Many victories in Montreal

Who knows if the trend of “Saturday Ferrari, Sunday Red Bull” will be reversed in this Canadian GB. A win for the Red team would allow Maranello to equal McLaren’s GP record of 13 wins. Ferrari is already a multi-winner with 11 wins in Montreal, of which they added success in the Mont-Tremblant in 1970, but McLaren has done better, with 9 wins in Montreal, 3 in Mosport and one in the aforementioned Mont-Tremblant.


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