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Top five use cases

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gpt chat It is excellent at many tasks, which is why it has become the 2023 revolution in the field of artificial intelligence. For example, we’ve seen how ChatGPT creates ladders for SEO articles in no time at all, either in the simplest way possible or by using “long tails” to get down to the smallest detail. In general, the easy and fundamentally understandable use of the chatbot developed by OpenAI allows it to be versatile and, in some cases, necessary to achieve noteworthy results.

But in which contexts do they stand out the most? Here the Top five examples of using ChatGPT.

Text generation is the strength of ChatGPT

We can’t start this review without mentioning right away Text generationEspecially in the case of concise writing with a professional tone. there Write an email For any purpose, it is one of the highlights of ChatGPT: the request is sufficient, complete with indications on the length, subject and tone of the e-mail, to receive in return – and above all at no cost – a final offer or, in the worst case, which requires little intervention to adapt to the sending context The message to the recipient, especially for corporate or public relations.

Of course, emails aren’t the only texts that ChatGPT produces so well. The language model is also valid in an implementation ArticlesAimen Argumentative texts To deal with a given topic in its entirety, bringing together all the essential elements in its definition. In other words, ChatGPT is exceptional at explaining historical events, mathematical concepts, or even particularly thorny scientific information.

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Want to know a trick? If you ask Amnesty InternationalExplain the topic as if you were a five-year-old(In English, for best results, “explain like I’m five years old” after the leading question has been asked), and then proceeds to immediately clarify the topic of discussion. On the other hand, if you prefer other tones of the argument, just add the exact order To the question: You can even ask the AI ​​to answer the question if it’s a cowboy!

In short, you get it: ChatGPT never (or almost) fails to write texts about answering questions of various kinds. Remember, however, that its database is limited to everything that happened before 2021.

Grammar check

There are already advanced tools that allow you to do this Check the grammar of the text, such as Grammarly or QuillBot. However, ChatGPT is also an excellent free service that allows you to manually check any spelling or lexical errors in a previously written work.

Grammar check in ChatGPT

While ChatGPT can fix most of these errors, However, it is not the ideal tool for this. After all, it doesn’t have the same level of accuracy or privacy as a dedicated validator like Grammarly mentioned above, and it might miss some details or report false positives. Despite its limitations, the OpenAI chat bot can be useful for improving your writing and modifying text structure and syntax to give the final product a different feel.

Can it replace human control? of course not, but even syntactic and ad hoc alternatives fail to achieve this goal. Undoubtedly, a teacher, or just a native speaker with excellent vocabulary and grammar, does a better job, understanding the context of the text and explaining its purpose.

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write code

Developers from all over the world have already tried the Generative Generative Pre-trainer Transformer offered by OpenAI for write codeJump into the world of AI-assisted programming. Generating ChatGPT writing codes for us is easy: just ask for attention as input, and in no time, you’ll receive the codebase useful for running your program, website, app, or other service.

ChatGPT write code

But is this an effective solution? Not really: Although ChatGPT can generate working code (or rather, return output that matches scripts learned from other developers), it doesn’t take the place of practice and learning. In fact, the Stack Overflow developer community found itself having to ban ChatGPT for debugging because it was not optimized or contained bugs. So, it becomes clear Duty to review codes generated by the chatbot With the help of an expert, a detailed understanding of the concepts and algorithms used.

Currently, artificial intelligence can replace humans in writing simple functions, however It will not replace programmers and engineers; At most, he will be able to serve as a high-level assistant to both budding developers and those who have already accumulated experience on their shoulders.

Think of new recipes

Then we come to uses that are more specific but that users love so much, and above all to suggest recipes. Those who don’t have much experience in the kitchen can rely on ChatGPT for a little help with cooking Prepare excellent dishes with available ingredients. Just give the list of these to the chatbot, and maybe set the maximum difficulty for the recipe, so you don’t find yourself lost right away.

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Furthermore, the AI ​​can also organize an entire week’s worth of meals or dinners for a group of people, identifying dietary preferences or needs, including allergies. On the other hand, if you don’t have the ingredients at home, one won’t be lost at the output Shopping list With the right amount of products to buy to suit your desires or business plans.

Schedule workouts

Finally, if you want to start taking care of your body and staying fit, ChatGPT allows you to do so Plan full weekly training sessions. To do this, simply require the preparation of a “training plan” for a certain number of hours per day and days per week, so that the result is workout plan Balanced and complete, involving every part of the body.

In addition to the workouts, ChatGPT also offers a basic diet that must be followed to lose weight or to get the results determined by the training plan in the optimal way. Despite the capabilities of artificial intelligence, However, it is recommended to rely on a specialist If you intend to go ahead the right advice for the right mix of exercises and meals.

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