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Wifi modem: which is the least consuming?

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Wifi is now available in most homes and stores around the world, and broadcasting is given via Wifi modem. These devices are on throughout the day to always allow you to have access to the internet and thus allow you to be connected at any time. But how much does a Wifi modem consume?

The wifi modem It is one of those technological devices that are always in the running, as the need for always-on connectivity is now pervasive. However, turning it off would be a correct practice, even if this is It does not have a very high consumptionIt often runs for no reason at all.

Let’s see in detail how much it is consumed and why it is better to turn it off at night.

Wi-Fi modem: why should it be turned off?

Close up of the phone in hands with accurate wifi symbol

Turning off a Wi-Fi modem, in addition to saving money, is also healthy: it is widely believed that disproportionate use of a Wi-Fi modem can be harmful. This is because Electromagnetic waves that bombard the house on a daily basis.

who is this There is no scientific certainty, especially the potential damage that could arise in the medium to long term. The waves emitted by the main connected devices, such as Tablet and smartphoneare well below the thresholds of the European Union.

Wi-Fi modem: what are the consumptions?

A bowl with a cactus and a precise WiFi signal

Let’s see first What is the consumption of a Wi-Fi modem Standard present in all Italian homes and shops. As was already expected, this is a device that is always working, but does not have significant consumption rates, in fact its incidence is about 35-40 euros per year. If the price of energy goes up, the value can be as high as 50 euros per year.

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Always going on, there are many inactivity, which however It consumes the modem and not a little. This mainly happens at night, when it is better to turn it off to avoid it wasted energy.

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