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Nations League: Mancini, Soul is Right – Football

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(ANSA) – Cesina, June 07 – Roberto Mancini’s new Italy is a “young team” and for that alone it “creates enthusiasm”. Certainly “he can improve a lot, in the meantime he has already shown some good things” and that is “trying to go in and take the ball very high, he defended and attacked really well, in tight spaces”. So the coach spoke about the victory of the national team over Hungary in Cesena, and now the Azzurri are first in the Nations League group. Then, looking to the future, he added, “Becoming a team takes time, we’re not there yet, but the spirit is fine.” “We had a really good game in the first half and then their goal put some fear in us. It was a match that should have ended by a wider margin for us,” he said in the press room at Orugell Stadium. “We were also a little tired, and our goal in a closed match largely made it difficult for you – continued the coach -. This Italy is full of young people, they have to work a lot and the road is long. But the win is important and anyway it was a good match.”

Among the best in Cesena was Gigio Donnarumma, in goal despite a finger issue. “It’s an indescribable feeling – he said he’s wearing the No. 1 jersey and captain’s armband.

There are no words. it is exciting. “For this shirt, you can play even without a finger. I would also like to thank the medical staff who helped me better, because it was unimaginable two days ago. It was thanks to my desire and their help that I was able to get onto the pitch.

I will always play as long as possible.” Then a joke about the blue group: “There is a desire to reboot and feel good together again.

We needed to win and thanks to the new players who are giving us great hands. We will continue our desire and our union.” They knew we had to change. All the new young people have had to start over – and it concludes – they have made themselves available, they want to work and that is the right spirit.”

“We need to know who we are, playing against the European champions. We can’t think of coming here and just beating England, we repeat that automatically.

We all have to work to grow. Hungary coach Marco Rossi commented. (Ansa).

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