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The 20th Anniversary Show not to be missed but without ads for new games, for Corden –

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Microsoft will hold a special show to celebrate 20th Anniversary of Xbox November 15th is going to be a real event for Windows Central reporter Jez Corden Not to be missed, even if it does not contain Ads for new games.

Obviously, even in this case it’s just a rumor, not coming from an official source, but jeez cordon It is considered very reliable, as it is close to Microsoft environments and is likely to be one of the sources that can provide reliable information.

Thus, what is reported can be both good and bad news, since very interesting content is still to be expected but there will be no surprises with the announcement of unknown titles.

However, this does not mean that there will not be any interesting news, given that what is being reported is simply related to her absence Undisclosed games. Therefore, there may be room for games that have already been announced, and therefore, perhaps with new trailers and materials about titles that Xbox users have been especially waiting for, as well as possible news related to Xbox Game Pass.

It should also be borne in mind that soon after, it should be taken into account that Game Awards 2021, scheduled for December 10, 2021 which should also bring some news. It’s possible that Microsoft intends to reserve something big for the occasion, which there has already been talk of a possible promotion for Hellblade 2, for example, which will likely take space for high-caliber presentations during the ‘anniversary’ event so we’re looking forward to Discover more.

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