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Michelin’s guide, “Red” is coming to Canada for the first time

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For the first time in 123 years Michelin Guide is coming to Canada with the best restaurants in Toronto.

Strange but true, so far Michelin’s guide He never considered Canada: Now The “Red” comes first With a guide to the best restaurants in Toronto in the North American country, according to a careless Globe and MailIt can expect an official announcement.

Canada has been a notable Michelin’s guide for many years, and that country is not included in the more than 30 countries that have a guide. Federal Tourism Minister Randy Poissonald, Toronto Mayor John Dory and celebrities are expected to make the announcement. Michelle’s cooks Daniel Paulut and Alvin LeungGrew up Toronto.

NPD Group data shows that direct and online restaurant visits increased by 18% in the first quarter of 2022 over the previous year. However, full-service restaurants and especially Eat well, slowly recovered Compared to takeaway specialists, fast casuals and other fast service restaurants.

Boissonnault, Tory and the Toronto restaurant industry, no doubt Michelin’s guide’s visit to the city will help further fuel recovery from the epidemic. Historically, in the 2018 survey of the Stanford Economics Review Michelin’s star in a restaurant increased revenue by 15% To the restaurant. Increased by 80% as a result of a three-star review.

The Michelin’s travel guides were first developed in 1899 French tire company in an effort to stimulate travel interest. They have evolved into a prestigious award, which has recently been criticized for being associated with an antique and traditional view of the kitchen.

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