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Whatsapp launches a new feature: eyes on the camera

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Redesigned in-app camera. It is the original name of a new beta version of Whataspp in development, which could lead to important news about the world’s number one instant messenger, regarding the redesigned camera.

WhatsApp and the new beta version, more news to come – Adobe Stock

Whatsapp is rolling out a new update via software Google Play Beta , bringing the version to, as revealed by the official WABetaInfo: The strong idea is to plan to release this feature in a future update, but the official date has not been announced yet.

When WhatsApp released the WhatsApp beta update for Android WABetaInfo predicts that the US Central App, which was created in 2009 and five years later has become part of the extended family Mark Zuckerberg, was working on a feature for group admins, to block any messages for all groups, for a future update.

WhatApp is also redesigning the Flash and Change . buttons

Flash 20211217 cell
WhatsApp, also change the button to enter flash – Adobe Stock

So yesterday, beta update was released today, which brings news about the in-app camera: WhatsApp is planning a redesign In-app camera for a future update. This is now certain.

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In the demo version it appears that the buttons flash e change The camera will receive a redesign, so that users can open recent media, with a simple click on the photo, located in the lower left corner. That is all that is known, as WhatsApp has not yet released information about the availability of the function to its huge audience. even because of Mark Zuckerberg He is in other affairs, busy.

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Finally, you can listen to your voice messages before sending them in the chat. This is the big news near the new year. The WhatsApp It changes the way voice messages are sent, giving the user more control over the message than in the past, because it is now possible to listen to voices before they are sent.

It’s the same American app that announced what its users have been waiting for with intermittent concern, via a highly regarded tweet on Twitter. With this waiting Property The user is finally in control while the audio is being recorded: he can pause, resume, and delete it instead of sending it. During recording there is a sound wave where the sound is being recorded: button stop / start It allows you to listen to the audio again at any time before sending it. Of course not everyone can take advantage of the feature now, The WhatsApp It is being rolled out globally, both on Android and on iOS. However, upcoming updates can bring great fun. A turning point for everyone.

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