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Thursday Science at the Colosseum between natural and artificial food

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When it comes to food, defining what is normal is more complex than one might think.

Is food with only natural ingredients really natural? What if one of these ingredients was replicated in the lab? How do we consider those components to have been manipulated and transformed by human hand instead?

He will try to answer these and other interesting questions Thursday The form of scientific publishing was born in Turin with the aim of clarifying science and making it simpler and more accessible.

Thursday January 13th, the food will be the protagonist with a topic entitled Eating normally – what’s normal in what we eat? and artificial?

The meeting is chaired by two scientific experts and exceptional liaisons: Dario Bressanini, Chemist, university professor and writer Beatrice Mautino Biotechnologist and writer.

Designation ThursdayFlag With Bressanini and Mautino, he was expected to be free at the Colosseum in Turin, but the resurgence of infection from Covid forced the organizers to go live.

To get to the event, simply check in at 5.45pm, no reservation, on the website

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