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Israel, the provocation of the far-right minister Ben Gvir: Visiting the campuses of mosques. International condemnations, even from the United States

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Not even a week has passed since the new far-right government he leads Benjamin NetanyahuBut the Secretary of Homeland Security, Itamar bin Juffairknown for Anti-Palestinian positionsI decided to launch the first excitement. party leader Otzma Yehudit He was accompanied by dozens of customers for a walk Mosque Square to Jerusalem Declaring that “the Temple Mount (The name given to the Jews by the religious site, so) is the most important place for folks IsraelThe protests did not arise only from the leadersPalestinian National Authority It is these agitationbut to condemn the deed were also neighbors Jordanthe turkeythe The United Arab Emirates and even America’s allies.

And the Palestinians fear that the new government aims to do harsh work on it Change the state of the parkwhere is the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which currently provides free access for Muslims wishing to pray, while one-time access is possible for Jews, with a designated path and accompanied by policemen who prevent prayer and the raising of flags or religious symbols. Netanyahu has already emphasized that he wants to maintain the status quo, but the minister’s step forward worries both residents Palestine that international observers.

From Ramallah In fact, there are sentences for the specific “incursion”. “An unprecedented and dangerous provocation” Which “will lead to more tensions and violence” and create “explosive situation”As stated by the spokesperson of the Palestinian National Authority, Nabil Abu Rudeinehstressing that the far-right politician’s gesture represents “A challenge to our Palestinian peopleAnd for the Arab nation and for the international community.” Rudeineh concluded by saying that the Israeli government is responsible for any consequences that will follow from this visit, and stressed that the attempts of the authorities Tel Aviv Changing the historical and legal reality of Al-Aqsa Mosque is rejected and doomed to failure. Hamas’ reaction, which determined the action, is also permanent “a crime”The site “will remain Palestinian, Arab, and Islamic,” H No fascist can change this fact.As the spokesperson said Hazem Qassem Stressing that this gesture is a sign that “the Zionist occupation’s aggression against our sanctities and the war on our Arab identity continues.” And the Palestinians will continue to defend their holy places and Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

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But it was not the words of the Palestinian counterpart alone that condemned Ben Gvir’s move. Even the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Jordanwhose ruling family holds the custodianship of the sanctities in Jerusalem, condemned for the “strongest firmness” and speaking Sinan Majali Visit said “violation of sanctity” Al-Aqsa Mosque is “blatant and unacceptable.” violation of international law and the current historical and legal status of Jerusalem and its holy places.” Then he warned of risk of “escalation”. Oman also decided Summon the Israeli ambassador In the capital to ask for explanations.

A similar position has been taken before turkey, who has been trying for years to play the role of the first defender of Palestinian rights. From Ankara We are talking about “a provocative act. We call on Israel to act responsibly to avoid such provocations that would violate the status and sanctity of religious places in Jerusalem and cause escalation in the regionThe State Department said. until the The United Arab Emirateswhich only diplomatically recognized Israel in 2020, they “strongly condemned attack to the courtyard of Al-Aqsa Mosque by an Israeli minister under the protection of the occupation forces.

This work had a wide resonance and was considered so serious that it was disguised US Ambassadorthe first international partner of the Jewish state, to determine acts such as “Unacceptable”An embassy spokesperson said: “Ambassador Neides has been very clear in his talks with the Israeli government on the issue of maintaining the status quo at Jerusalem’s holy sites – that measures that prevent this are unacceptable.”

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International tensions stemming from Ben Gvir’s visit also forced Prime Minister Netanyahu to postpone his visit to the UAE, according to local media, scheduled for next week. For his part, the minister in Tel Aviv explained that he went up to the sanctuary on the occasion of a Jewish celebration, They fast on the tenth of the month of TevetAccompanied by an Orthodox rabbi. “We guarantee freedom of movement for Muslims and Christians – he said – but Jews will also go up to the Temple Mount. And for those who express threats there will be a Iron fistRefer to the remarks that arrived on Monday from GazaWhere Hamas and Islamic Jihad They threatened backlash. He added that the new Israeli government “will not give in to the threats of Hamas. The Temple Mount is the most important place for the Jewish people. We will preserve freedom of movement for Muslims and Christians, and the Jews will go up the mountain.”

Meanwhile, in the West Bank, a 15-year-old Palestinian, Adam AyadIt was killing in the refugee camp Dheisheh (Bethlehem) During clashes between demonstrators and Israeli army units entered to arrest a wanted person. According to the Tel Aviv media, the residents of the camp fired at the army stones and Molotov cocktails. Palestinian websites specify that the victim was an activist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

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