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Dark and boneless, the arduous entry into adulthood. Season two review

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Two years after its debut, the highly anticipated second season of Dark and bone, finally streamed to Netflix on March 16th. The new episodes of the series, conceived by Eric Heisserer, bring back the story of Alena Starkov and her companions Grishversea narrative world born from the novels of writer Lee Bardugo.

With the end of the first season, we were left open-ended Journey of Alena Starkov and Malin Oritsev. Searching for more amplifiers of Alina’s powers, on top of that with a price hanging on their heads, they end up allying with the suave pirate Sturmhond, only discovering his true identity much later. Meanwhile, the intrepid Crows Kaz Brekker, Inej Ghafa and Jesper Fahey return to Ketterdam hoping to defeat Pekka Rollins once and for all.

Against all odds, though the first season ended on a cliffhanger, the new episodes struggle to immediately pick up the momentum of the episodes that arrived two years ago. Attempting to reclaim the threads of the narrative, the series seems to be pushing something in terms of pacing, with the story that in some places seems to falter. a slow carbohydrates So, which seems physiological given that the world-building factor is necessarily less obvious than it was in season one, in the face of very few new propositions.

Starting from the fourth episode Dark and bone However, it seems to be changing pace and becoming more urgent. the Two main lines Continuing to show the personal stories of Alina and Mal alternating, on the one hand, the protagonists of the series who become vehicles for well-known adult themes, and on the other hand the story of the crows, for whom it is reserved. the “adult” side of the show.

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The latter in particular undoubtedly emerges as one of the most successful and interesting elements of the series. In fact, in the second season, each member has more in-depth characterization, which sheds new light on each individual’s own tragic experiences, and on the traumas that underlie their personalities and goals. Therefore, the crows establish themselves among More complex characters of the series, who were given the honor of bringing the “dirtier” and deeper elements behind the scenes.

Instead, Alaina, played by Jessie May Lee, has to deal with responsibility and More pressure than ever She is carried away by her strength and the attention that attracts her. If the new episodes show a more mature and adult Alina, the entry of the Sturmhond onto the scene will contribute to further turmoil in the protagonist’s relationship with her childhood friend and companion on adventures Malyen and the darkly charismatic Ben Barnes effectively brought to the screen, perhaps the villain isn’t particularly original but what Hover dangerously About the fate of Alina.

So it seems like there was a little bit of global development between the characters Dark and bone. Perhaps the two storylines brought to the stage could have been more valuable if treated as separate projects. Structure fAlternation of events of Alina and the Crows seems to cripple – though not in a serious way – the breadth of the stories involved. If at the beginning of the series those seemed to suffer, in the second part they instead follow one another hastily, an element that clearly hurts the motives behindof characterswhich unfortunately ends up relegating the events of Rafka’s kingdom to the background.

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The second season brings a more adult approach to the stage with some Nice dark colours, allowing the series to go beyond the teen reference target. Despite this, it still is unbalanced in the course of events. In fact, an excessive acceleration in the second half of the series follows at the beginning with the handbrake turned on, an element that makes it difficult to fully understand some of the characters’ actions, with some passages that seem to have been resolved in a rather coarse manner.

Dark and bone He takes a decisive step towards adulthood, while keeping his distance. Except for some winning options – Characterization of Crows above all else – The new episodes in general show a certain misalignment compared to the first season, leaving more than one question open. After a surprising debut, season 2 has in some ways shown the side of some problem which can only be dispelled by a possible third season.

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