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The “Sport active Junior” project brings hockey to D’Alcontres

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Field hockey lands at D’Alcontres

The D’Alcontres Stadium open tohockey For the party at the end of the “Active Junior Sport” project aimed at pupils of the first year of secondary school held in February and March at IC Bastiano Genovese in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto. The boys and girls tried their hand at two sports related to the project: field hockey and athletics.


A group photo of all participants in a field hockey event

there BGS Don Bosco 2000Marriage to the field hockey project continues his work on the development and growth of the sport in Sicily, providing the opportunity for many young people to take up and learn about a new sport. It was a beautiful morning of sports and fun, share it withLion Amatori Doilia.

Thank you Pgs Don Bosco 2000 Director IC Bastiano Genovese Franca Canal For maximum cooperation, professors an onion And the Kopolino For their great availability, all the boys and girls who joined the project have been released Emmanuel Toure I would have loved him.

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