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The best way to use spaces with green buildings –

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sustainable architecture, daughter green buildingfinds its maximum applications in those contexts where the surrounding environment is better protected, while minimizing the impact of environmental pollution.

One such garden is the home garden, a green space that can be used to the fullest if you are lucky enough to have it, regardless of size. With the right precautions, even a small garden can become very welcoming, but if the garden is spacious, you can really indulge yourself and make it the spearhead of your home.

Home garden: ideas and tips for using all the space

Every room in the house should be furnished in a functional way, otherwise you risk leaving it unused because it is not comfortable to live in everyday life. The same rule is answered by The outdoor space of the housewhich must be arranged in order to optimize the different areas: the relaxation area, those for meals, those for moments of recreation, which must be dedicated to plants.

These are some precautions that make the effect of the entire space at first glance aesthetically pleasing, but also the attention to detail in some areas that will be designated for specific purposes.

orBetter home garden organization

If the space available in the garden allows, one of the first uses that the owners consider is to create a balcony to park the car under. A shaded area adds beauty to the garden, but is functional at the same time, freeing yourself from the hassle of looking for a parking lot.

Among the most popular wooden garageAnd the Essential to protect it from sun, rain and bad weather in every season. On site There are many models available that contribute to making a functional space as truly enjoyable in itself as the garden.

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An alternative to a carport, closed and often a source of moisture, unlike open blinds that, on the other hand, allow air exchange and breathing of the car, protecting it from moisture. Moreover, a wooden canopy can be turned into a cozy gazebo, a kind of covered terrace under which a table can be placed in the shade. Depending on the needs, the covered area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe car can be made more diverse and used to refresh guests in the shade or to relax in peace.

make a garageTherefore, it turns out to be a useful solution from the point of view resistance Versatility, ease of construction, but also in terms of economical and time saving: if compared to the cost of the garage, the costs of assembly and delivery times are significantly reduced.

Second, you have to focus on outdoor furniture. Once you have chosen the style, color and material to focus on, all the garden furnishing items and decorations should match the furniture. White and wooden furniture is usually preferred, and is always suggestive of a natural setting such as a garden.

to stand out ingarden decor There should be a decorative or natural piece of furniture such as a majestic tree or gazebo, something that immediately attracts the attention of those entering the garden, and through which it is possible to diffuse the illumination and enhance the whole.

Another detail to be taken care of, which is always highly appreciated by the owners and appreciated by visitors, is create a trail. The combination of artificial and green architectural elements in the gardens gives a wonderful effect with a strong effect: the entrance to the garden is connected to the entrance to the house, but other streets can also branch out to mark paths and spaces to go.

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The important thing is that the style of the corridor reminds of the style of the house, in order to make the exterior in harmony with the interior. Walkways made of chipboard or pebbles and natural stone are very popular.

Finally, a spacious garden cannot be denied the boast of a beautiful garden pergola for flowers, with a romantic effect along hallways or framing a home’s front door. As for the type of flowers, you can indulge yourself to your taste. Alternatively, you can choose lined the garden Create different spaces for flowers.

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