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Inline Hockey: This weekend the Black-Out and the Newts will play the Scudetto at the Final Six in Roana.

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Captain: Francesco Rigoni (Newts) and Danielle Rigoni (Blackout)

there will be skipper shovel From Ruana The much awaited seat Six final Italian Championship for Series C Built-in hockey, in the calendar From Friday 17 to Sunday 19 Junewith suitors Scudetto plateau, Asiago Black Out And the Asiago Newtswhich will certainly give a a great offer To the many fans that will fill the stands of Ruano Stadium.

After victories, she won Stage 1 and Stage 2 of playoffs, the two Asian teams have only 3 or 4 matches left; Games that, if you win, you give up tricolor From the category and access to the championship B . series.

2 Asian companies – Represented by the captain in the photo – They made a common front and proposed to the organization. By mutual agreement, FISR and the companies involved chose the “new” site in the plateau. A solution that satisfies everyone, given the unbearable heat of recent days, and given the path that has already hosted events of absolute value“.

Together with them, divided into two groups, the Raiders teams will also participate in the competition Montebellunahawks Concorzoflying donkeys Empoli and hockey nove.

The first game for black out On time Friday in 17:45 against the Montebellunawhile the emergence of newt will be in hours 19:30 against theEmpoli.

A bar opened by Gigi and a lot of hockey, we are waiting for you!

All matches will be broadcast live.

Final groups

Group A’

Asiago Newts
– Concorzo the Hawk
– Empoli flying donkeys

Group B

Asiago Black Out
– Raiders of Montebelluna
– Hockey Novi

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final sixth calendar

Friday 17 June
group stage
17:45 – black out against Montebelluna
19:30 – Empoli vs. newt
9.15 pm – Novi vs. black out

Saturday 18 June
10:30 am – newt opposite Concorzo
12:15 PM – Montebelluna vs Novi
2:00pm – Conchorizo ​​vs Empoli
19.00 sf 1 (1 gear A vs 2 gear B)
9.00 PM SF 2 (1 gear B vs. 2 gear A)

Sunday 19 June
12.00 Fifth and Sixth Place (3 roles A vs 3 roles B)
2.00 pm Fourth and last place (losers in the semi-finals)
16.00 place 1-2 degrees (Semi-final winners)

Inline hockey Asiago Black-Out Newts Final Six 2022 Roana - The difference

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